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 - Youth Sports Semantics, July 4 + More!
July 6, 2013 - Vol. 8, Issue 7
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Youth Sports Semantics
July 4 Fundraising
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Senda Soccer
Semantics In Youth Sports

Soccer Tryouts
With tryouts underway nationwide, what does it really mean to be 'cut'?

Are there other opportunities for the player to still participate?

A recent article in a Colorado newspaper says clubs are 'cutting players younger' but we want to know what you think - comment on our blog!
ExtraTime Exclusive: Independence Day

Fireworks How was your Fourth of July?

In cities and towns around the country, many celebrated by watching or even launching their own fireworks displays.

Did you know that fireworks sales (in states where legal) are among the leading fundraising sources for youth sports organizations?

In California, over 3,000 non-profit groups including many youth groups sell fireworks with TNT Fireworks each year. Net profit? About $30 million - approximately $10,000 each. Wow!
Effective & Safe Club Data Management - Free Webinar
Maximize Demosphere Logo
Join us for our upcoming Maximize Demosphere webinar!

On Wednesday, July 17 at 1:00p ET, Demosphere will present its 52nd Maximize Demosphere Webinar.

The topic for this month's webinar is Effective & Safe Club Data Management. During the session, we'll discuss best practices for how to best manage sensitive membership information within your club. Who has access to the data? What sponsors or affiliates to do you share it with? Do you have a privacy policy in place? We'll discuss all of this - and more!

RSVP now and login information will be emailed before the session. We look forward to chatting with you on Wednesday, July 17 for Maximize Demosphere
Demosphere On The Go

Meet the Demosphere team at a collection of events over the next few weeks:
South Texas GBM
The Demosphere Network - New Website Launches

Congratulations to the newest members of the Demosphere Network!

Check out their new sites: Continental FC
New! More Tomato Tips From Demosphere's Resident Green Thumb

In the garden with Nate Muller Earlier this spring, Nate Muller, Demosphere's resident green thumb (and a great programmer, too), planted 24 Black Krim and Brandywine tomato seedlings.

The Brandywine tomatoes are starting to ripen - about 1-2 weeks from picking. This year, Muller has tried to head off regular battles with fungus by spraying organic copper fungicide in advance. However, excess rain, high humidity, and a lack of direct sunlight has led to some leaves with spots.

The weather has been good to Muller's cucumber plants, though - they're taking up every inch of available space. It's also time to harvest broccoli and garlic!

Check out more photos of the garden and we'll continue to track its progress as Summer continues!
Demosphere Blog Updates

Check out best practices, new features, and enhancements at the Demosphere Blog!
Coming in August to Demosphere's ExtraTime Newsletter...

ExtraTime Exclusive - Fall's Almost Here! Final preparations for another great year of youth sports are taking shape - do you have everything ready?

Travel Plans. Get a recap of our trip to San Antonio and get set for trips to Orlando and Columbia, SC early in the month!

...and lots more!