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No 'standard' DLN2.6 combustion system for F-class GE gas turbines


A properly operating combustion system is critical for achieving desired gas turbine performance while maintaining pollutant emissions at or below permit limits. That's certainly not news, but many people with responsible deck-plates positions who came into the industry after the millennium are not fully aware of how challenging it can be to keep a late-model F-class engine "tuned" to meet expectations and why this is so. more

Wireless applications in power: No wires, no limits 


In the generation sector of the electric power industry, John Blaney is likely the most passionate supporter of wireless communications networks. The controls expert got CTOTF's Gen-EI&C (generators/HV electrical/I&C) Roundtable moving on a high note with an entertaining but serious technical backgrounder on wireless communications and an overview of the technology's future. Blaney, who has more than three decades of experience designing, installing, and troubleshooting powerplant control systems, is Emerson Process Management's point person on PlantWeb´┐Ż applications for the company's Ovation´┐Ż platform. more

Mitigating the risk of transformer failure


Transformers represent one of the largest and most critical investments in an electric power system. Paul Griffin, VP Power Services for Doble Engineering Co, specialists in condition assessment and monitoring of transformers, HV switchgear, and generators, told users attending the CTOTF Gen-EI&C Roundtable that mitigation of failure risk begins with a well-designed, well-built transformer. The editors believe CTOTF is the only user group serving gas turbine owner/operators that regularly supports all equipment between the prime mover and the grid. more  

L-0 blade crack proves that although technical advisories age, they remain current


Assume you've just been appointed plant manager at a combined-cycle facility and have no first-hand experience with the type of steamer installed. You're busy coming up to speed: How far back would you investigate technical advisories to be sure you have all your bases covered? If your answer is not "since the unit began commercial operation," you could be in for a big surprise. more  

As gas prices drop, interest in legacy units increases


Mike Rutledge, SRP, lit the fuse and the interactive discussion between panelists and owner/operators in the audience burned for the two full hours allotted. Virtually everyone in the room agreed that the key factor influencing business potential is geography (location/location/location). For example, in the Northeast many units have capacity payments and in this market the most important factor is starting reliability. The grid imposes penalties if you can't start units as required, and unless you can prove that you actually can meet grid requirements after a failure to meet expectations, a plant can lose its contract. more

Personnel safety dominates open discussion at CTOTF's Combined Cycle Roundtable


Safety has been the No. 1 discussion topic at most user group meetings for the last couple of years. The open forum at CTOTF's Combined Cycle Roundtable, chaired by Erik Knutson, an assistant plant manager for Colorado Energy Management LLC, and the latest addition to the user organization's leadership committee, is a case in point as the bullet points below attest. more  

User-Only Webinar: 7FA Technology Enhancements


The next installment of CCJ ONscreen (May 4) focuses on optimizing your 7FA for improved heat rate, power output, and operating flexibility. Results presented by Wood Group GTS will show owner/operators ways to restore control and enhance current gas turbine performance by using the latest technologies that provide real-time proactive and customizable monitoring solutions for post-outage tuning, as well as seasonal performance testing to ensure optimal gas turbine operation.








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