February 1st, 2022 Vending Technology News
B2B businesses throughout the world are expanding their e-commerce offerings to maintain a frictionless transaction and keep up with online retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart, who continue to target B2B customers. Since 2019, B2B online transactions have grown 30% as a percentage of total online sales and are projected to reach $1.8 trillion in the US in 2023.
As an Office Coffee Service (OCS) operator or B2B distributor, considering an integrated e-commerce platform for online ordering improves engagement with your customers while increasing sales. 

Leverage your customers’ preferences 
Your customers do just about everything online from grocery shopping to banking and everything in between. They prefer to text with family and friends and slack coworkers rather than speak on the phone. They expect the same from their OCS orders. The person designated to order coffee supplies prefers a DIY, frictionless tool for placing orders. They aren’t looking forward to receiving phone calls asking for orders or typing an e-mail to send listing supplies. E-commerce online ordering systems utilize high resolution photos, interactive search and know their preferences for products and payments. 

Breathe new life into your coffee vending machines with the innovative Café Curve touchscreen by VEII.

Why Café Curve Door?

The Café Curve by Vendors Exchange updates your existing commercial coffee machines for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. The Café Curve door with an interactive touchscreen offers customers a wide range of choices of customizable drinks and cup sizes. Owners can control recipes to ensure the best drinks across all their machines. A 21.5” touchscreen offers easy ordering and enhances the customer’s experience. Add selections with an assortment of cup sizes, and charge for additional flavors or condiments. Increases profit margins by increasing price and quality of products.

Thanks to the newly improved Yoke platform by Cantaloupe, Inc., micro market owners now have the tools that they need to stay engaged with their consumers using a variety of programs a including tiered rewards program, a loyalty program, and push notifications. 

The Yoke POS is a powerful, cost-friendly terminal solution for your micro market or self-service business. From the intelligently placed credit card reader and barcode scanner to the flexible mounting system, and multiple connectivity modes, all of Yoke POS’s capabilities were designed to better serve consumers and simplify any self-checkout process.

Rethinking The Unattended Market 
With more consumers choosing unattended markets than ever before since the Pandemic, Cantaloupe took the unprecedented step of rethinking the micro-market by recreating their successful Yoke platform so that it now is faster and more agile than before. 

Thanks to the new Mama Gaia smart fridge, operators have an AI-powered smart fridge that offers them the ability to sell the products that their consumers want while also offering operators tools to harness predictive insights while nurturing and generating new customers through automated engagement. 

Saves Time And Improves Employee Productivity 
Besides offering consumers fresh food and beverages, the Mama Gaia smart fridge also will save time and improve productivity because consumers will never have to travel far in search of fresh food. 

To use the fridge, all a consumer has to do is load the Mama Gaia app to their smartphone then check their app 24-7 to see what inventory a nearby fridge may have that day. 

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