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Phyllis Goldie and Associates
Using "Cheat Sheets" for Posting Consistency

Consistency in posting is one of your keys to an accurate picture of your dealership's financial position.  Without it, it is difficult to use your accounts and schedules as the vital information tools they are designed to be. 

Creating cheat sheets for your team will ensure that every time they post they are using consistent information that makes sense and enables you to identify trends before they become major issues.  Putting a cheat sheet together is easy and can be printed for each team member to keep as a reference.  Run the desired schedule and upload to excel.  Pick out the transactions that are posted according to your guidelines.  Continue with all schedules adding to your list.  Spot check throughout the month to check everyone is on board. 

There are several DMS's out there and your list may look different than others.  Here is a "generic" cheat sheet as an example.
What's your Policy on Policy?

We all know that Policy means different things to different people and varies by department on how they view it.  The bottom line is that all dealerships have a "policy" for policy and it must be adhered to.  Establishing clear cut rules for what goes into Policy will help you and your team protect your most valuable asset: profit! 

"Policing" the policy should be at the top of everyone's list.  Many times we go into a dealership and can see that the account is being misused and profits are slipping away without anyone really noticing.  We recommend that you frequently do "spot checks" on your policy account.  One example is to pull 10 Service tickets closed to policy.  Small entries are just as important as the big ones.  Search the customer name.  Who are they?  Employees?  Relatives of employees?  Customers who have never been in before?  Or are they good customers that are frequently in Service?  Are they legitimate discounts, like $300.00 off a $3000.00 repair bill?  Ask questions.  Your department managers will appreciate that you are watching their income.

"Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves."
 - William Lowndes

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