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December 2020
Leaping out of 2020 into 2021 like...
A ballerina in a tutu leaps in an autumnal garden, and another dancer athletically springs in the opposite direction.
Dimensional Dance (Connecticut), photo by Rich Davis
It’s that time of year when many cultures celebrate holidays of light, exchange gifts, and sing songs together. What a wildly challenging year 2020 has been for the arts and culture sector! The arts are vital to the recovery of the economy (and the soul). Support local. Support arts and culture. Let’s advocate for investment in the creative economy together. Read on to find some pro tips to make your profile shine this giving season, as well as ways to advocate for your networks to shop New England artists, donate to cultural nonprofits, and invest in the creative businesses of their communities.
two performers hold onto either side of a table with a bowl of fruit on it. The performers are looking at the audience with hyperbolic happiness on their faces.
Bronwyn L Sims (Vermont),
Is Your CreativeGround Profile Giving Season-Ready?
The creative sector's value far exceeds its impressive economic impact. An essential part of recovery for our economy, our neighbors, our communities, our bodies, minds and souls- arts and culture need our support now. Spread the word, all New Englanders (and beyond) can shop with small businesses-our artist neighbors. It is easy to find these creatives on CreativeGround.

Dig into CreativeGround and support New England creatives and cultural organizations by shopping the 'Ground. Know someone that wants to give a meaningful gift? Refer them to CreativeGround to shop arts and culture; memberships to local museums, work by visual artists, and charitable gifts to dance companies are just a few of the gift ideas you can find.

Spruce up your CreativeGround profile for the spotlight of the holiday season:
  • Make sure your profile has images of your work, especially as your profile image. A picture is worth 1,000 words. Logos and headshots don't tell a visual story as well as you/your organization in action.
  • Update your description with what you or your organization's plans and projects are in light of the pandemic. This will also tell any potential gift givers peeking at your profile what support you most need - are you seeking donations, sales, trading of resources, commissioned work, etc.? How are your needs influenced by the present moment?
  • Use the Additional Links section to connect those viewing your profile with your Etsy, crowdfunding and official donation pages, etc.
  • Check that your public contact information is correct so that you are able to connect with anyone trying to reach you.
Krysia Designs Stained Glass (Rhode Island), photo by Krysia Napiorkowski
Bird is the Word, Tweet #CreativeGround
Give the gift of creativity. Shop New England arts and culture on #CreativeGround.

  1. Link to your profile on social media, in emails to your friends and family, and on your personal website to promote shopping the neighborhood of New England creatives on CreativeGround.
  2. Use #CreativeGround on your social channels to show off all the unique ways you can invite folks to invest in the arts and culture sector.

Include links in your sharing. Each public profile has a unique URL that you can use directly send folks to the gems you dig up on CreativeGround. Here are a few post ideas:

  • Here's my CreativeGround profile: (link to your unique URL) Support local artists (like me!) without breaking quarantine. Check out my CreativeGround profile to see my latest work and details about purchasing or donating. Then search the site for more New England-based creatives!
  • Here's the profile of an organization I care about. I made a donation as a holiday gift, and I found other local cultural organizations to give to as well. Support local by exploring New England's CreativeGround to see what your creative neighbors offer and need.
Aquinnah Cultural Council (Massachusetts)
Shop Native American Artists
Our friends at Northeast Indigenous Arts Alliance (NIAA) and Aquinnah Cultural Center have extended their virtual Northeast Indigenous Artist Holiday Market through December 18. Stop by on Facebook to purchase arts and crafts made by Native American artists.

Psst... you can also link to Native American Artists on CreativeGround within your "Shop New England Creatives on #CreativeGround" social posts.

NEFA's monthly opportunities blog lists upcoming regional and national deadlines.

2021 New Year, New CreativeGround

An upgraded CreativeGround site next year will strengthen the New England Creative Economy, and you are what makes it strong. Get involved in the CreativeGround community by sharing your interest in the below projects.

Pictured above: Brian McCarthy (Vermont)
We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and happy. Happy Holidays from the CreativeGround team!

~Dee, Morganna, and Jess
Morganna Becker (she/her/hers)
Community Engagement Coordinator, Creative Economy
CreativeGround@nefa.org | 617-951-0010 x535
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