A Three-Part Systematic Approach to Meeting
the SEL Needs of Our Students

"When staff has permission and expectations to place relationships and social-emotional learning at the core of their work, the benefits become explicitly clear."
Part 3
Using Student Data to Inform SEL Instruction
November 9th, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST 
Dr. Clark McKown & Dr. Richard Hasenyager

Addressing students' urgent academic and SEL needs calls for a data-driven approach to both guide instructional decisions and measure students' social and emotional growth. Join us to explore why data-driven academic integration of SEL is so crucial in our schools.

 The discussion will cover:
  • Why SEL is critical in our schools
  • Relevant SEL research
  • Benefits of assessment with CASEL-aligned curriculum
  • Closing learning gaps through explicit SEL instruction
Dr. Clark McKown is the president of xSEL Labs and the 2020 winner of the CASEL Joseph E. Zins Award for Outstanding Contributions to Action Research in SEL. In his role as a Rush University faculty member, Clark has been the lead scientist on several large grants supporting the development and validation of SELweb, Networker, and other assessment systems. Clark is passionate about creating usable, feasible, and scientifically sound tools that help educators and their students, which is embodied in the paper he led with four other scholars, "Web-Based Assessment of Children's Social-Emotional Comprehension."