Using Tech to Create Connections, Part 4
Connecting Student and Content
Technology has played a formational role in how our learners take in information. They are drawn to presentations that engage both the eyes and the ears, but it’s probably not enough to merely use PowerPoint or Google Slides. In fact, used carelessly, those presentation programs render us with less educational firepower instead of more. 

In the fourth article of this series, Pastor Paul Waldschmidt takes us through four quick tips from the book Presentation Zen for better slides that can help better connect students to content.

Pastor Paul Waldschmidt, a 1999 Seminary graduate, served for 13 years at St. Mark in Normal, Illinois, before coming to Peace in Hartford, Wisconsin, in 2012. He has served the church-at-large as chairman of the Western Wisconsin District Commission on Adult Discipleship and as a circuit pastor in both the Western Wisconsin and Southeastern Wisconsin Districts. He recently earned an STM in Education with a focus on using technology in Christian Education and, Lord willing, is starting coursework for an M.S. in Educational Administration (Technology Director) this fall.
They never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah. Acts 5:42
Adult Education: Additum
St. Augustine Taught the Catechumens and So Do We

How can we best reach adults with God’s Word in a Bible class setting? Pastor Dan Habben looks at how instructors from the past like Augustine taught adults and what contemporary research tells us about teaching adults, and analyzes common teaching practices and habits in our circles.

Teaching Toolbox
Ten Tips for Hosting an Online Bible Study

In these COVID-19 times, you may be wanting to start an online Bible study, or maybe you already are under way. As we all know, things don’t always come together beautifully. In fact, sometimes, they can dissolve into a frustrating nightmare of technical problems and mishaps. The truth is, many times a little planning could have minimized the impact of those problems.

In this article, David Walker offers ten tips for hosting an online meeting, which has so many applications to hosting an online Bible study. 

Curriculum Connection

Finding time to stay connected in the Word as a family can be challenging. 5-Minute Bible Studies: For Families is designed with busy families in mind. This second book of the 5-Minute Bible Studies series offers three short messages a week for a full year. Whether everyone has time only in the mornings or you finally see each other at dinner, this book will help you face the week’s challenges with reminders of God’s love.

Teaching Tip

Your lessons should include visual, kinesthetic and auditory elements to make sure all types of learners are included. Handouts and graphs, in-depth classroom discussions, and role-playing should all form a part of your lesson planning in order to achieve this. Basically, you need to get adult students involved in the process of learning on as many levels as you can.

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