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Time Running Out to Apply for Roy W. Dean Grant for Spring 2021

Please submit your application for the Roy W. Dean Grant for Spring by March 31st. 

Winner will receive $3,500 and thousands more in production services to help them complete their film. 

Including an 8tb Glyph Studio Raid hard drive from donor Glyph Technologies. 

The grant, now in it's 30th year, goes to a film that is unique and that makes a contribution to society.    

Grant is open to documentaries, narrative features, short films, and web series.

Every applicant to the grant is offered a free consultation on their entered project.  They can discuss film funding, distribution, or whatever they may need help on to move their film forward. 

Deadline for submissions is March 31st

Click here to apply for the Grant

Click here to learn more about the Roy W. Dean Grant.
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Manifesting; A Misunderstood Process
The more you believe in yourself and your film, the easier it will be to fund it and find the right crew

by Carole Dean I love David Spangler's excellent little book, The Laws of Manifestation.  Discussing its lessons and how it applies to creating success in your work and career, is a regular part of what I teach filmmakers in my classes.

His explanation of manifesting and his explanation of the universal laws governing it make sense.

"Where there is faith there is trust, security, lack of tension or worry. Your work becomes a joy and one is more open to being guided into the kind of labor that is truly fulfilling."

I see this a lot with filmmakers once they have gotten into the state of mind that their film will be funded. They trust that the money is available for the film and they know they will bring the film in on time and under budget.

From the Heart Partners with One Field

Discounts on Live Event Streaming, Marketing and More

From the Heart Productions is excited to announce that we have partnered with One Field to offer a whole new slate of services to our fiscally sponsored filmmakers. 

Even more exciting is that One Field will give a 20% discount on all listed prices for From the Heart Fiscally Sponsored Filmmakers, as well as Top 20 Roy W. Dean Grant Finalists from any year. 

Adam Heyes, who has worked with From the Heart for many years, is now Director of Business Development for One Field. Along with his partner, Shannon Lloyd. you can expect the same terrific level of service and quality that you've experienced with From the Heart.  

"I had the pleasure of working with Shannon and his organization when I did my first Zoom event with Allison Otto, director of Roy W. Dean Grant Winner "Love Bugs", to market her documentary for Academy Award consideration along with Kirsten Johnson from Dick Johnson is Dead and Elizabeth Lo from Stray.  

Shannon took excellent care of all of us. He handled every request and remedied every glitch quickly. That's what filmmakers want, dedicated people who understand your needs. I personally found my experience with One Field to be excellent and I am proud to refer Shannon and his organization." Carole Dean, President From the Heart Productions 

Here are the new services available to our filmmakers:
  • Online Event Production
  • Online Course Development and Design
  • Video and Audio Editing / Post Production
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design, Logos, and Pitch Decks
  • On Demand / Subscription Platforms
  • Crowdfunding Videos
  • Marketing and Sales Funnels
  • Virtual Art Galleries
  • Film and Documentary Production (In Southern California only)
  • Green Screen Interview Filming (In Southern California only)
  • Podcast Production and Audio Recording (In Southern California only) 
You can view One Fields current pricing sheet (which you will get 20% off of) at

Using Your Mind to Fund Your Film

A a brilliant author spurred by a self-made millionaire, provided a path that others have followed to build great businesses and obtain their dreams...including me

by Carole Dean 

"The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane." - Nikola Tesla

This is a great statement for funding films.  Clarity of thought and purpose are paramount to success in any venture. Especially in the film industry.

I was invited to Portland Oregon to teach my book, The Art of Film Funding, and after the event I stayed to talk to filmmakers.  Everyone wanted to pitch me, and I love this part of filmmaking.

One couple told me that they were raising funds to go to Australia and create a film on the mating habits of leaches. I immediately started laughing, thinking they were joking.  I thought they were saying to me, how can anyone pitch this film?  However, I soon realized they were serious. In fact, very serious, and so I gave them my card and asked to please let me know how their funding worked for them.

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Puzzle Theory: A New Way to Attach and Connect with Your Audience

by Carole Dean  A technologist, a linguist, and a cognitive psychologist. Ina Sofia Kalo is also the creator of Puzzle Theory (PT) for independent filmmakers. 

Developed by Ina over two years, Puzzle Theory is an exciting tool for independent filmmakers. 

With it, Ina has created a way for filmmakers to attach to their audience while making their film. 

 As you know, finding and engaging your audience early is important because many of them will fund your film.

Improving Collaboration Between Directors and Cinematographers

Jacqui Frost Explains the Color Palette, Aesthetics of Movement and Lenses and Lighting for Each Genera

Jacqueline Frost, Professor, has been with Cal State University Fullerton since 2002 primarily teaching Cinematography, Documentary Production, Motion Picture Production 2, Directing and Experimental production.

She is currently producer and cinematographer on a feature length documentary on the life and work of Cuban born artist Ana Mendieta, Rebel By Nature (2015).  Frost has been cinematographer on narrative and documentary films that have screened in film festivals worldwide. 

Her first book, Cinematography for Directors: A Guide to Creative Collaborations (2009), features excerpts from ASC cinematographers such as Roger Deakins (A Beautiful Mind), Matthew Libatique (Black Swan), Rodrigo Prieto (Brokeback Mountain), John Seale (The English Patient) amongst others.

Her upcoming book Eye Behind the Lens, A Conversation with Contemporary Cinematographers contains full interviews with fifteen esteemed members of the American Society of Cinematographers including Salvatore Totino (The Davinchi Code), Dante Spinotti (Public Enemies), John Bailey (Ordinary People), Ellen Kuras (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Seamus McGarvey (The Hours) and others.

Jacqui spoke with Carole Dean on the latest The Art of Film Funding Podcast to discuss how best to work with a cinematographer. 

Other interviews include:

How Feeling Successful Can Actually Manifest Success for You with Carole Dean discussing Neville Goddard's brilliant book "Feeling is the Secret."

Tax Incentives Available Under Section 181 and 168 for Films with entertainment lawyer Corky Kessler

Don't Miss a Podcast!  Over 280 Episodes Available of Film Funding, Production, and Distribution Knowledge

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What Orson Welles Can Teach Filmmakers About Using Music in Films

Welles Was a Master at Selecting the Right Music for Every Scene 

We've not just got his work to watch and listen, but we've also got his notes.

Carole Dean - What Orson Welles Can Teach Filmmakers About Using Music In Films
Carole Dean - What Orson Welles Can Teach Filmmakers About Using Music In Films

After we watch his amazing film noir "Touch of Evil" for the 27th time, what do we remember about it?  Is it the incredible longest continuous opening shot or is it the music that sets the tension. 

Update: Documentarian Emergency Relief Fund

Seeking to Assist Documentary Filmmakers Needing Financial Help

Since January, the Documentarian Emergency Relief Fund has given away $2,000 and will be awarding another $7,000 to documentary filmmakers. Another $1,000 will be awarded at the end of March.

Are you or do you know a professional documentary filmmaker who has suffered financially during this pandemic?  Applications for April funding are now being accepted.

"As a documentary filmmaker endeavoring to remain productive and relevant in the face of new and unprecedented realities, I'm grateful to From The Heart Productions and their Documentarian Emergency Relief Fund, made possible by a grant from Carole Dorothy Joyce, for selecting me as the second recipient of this 2021 grant.

"Generous support of this kind makes it possible for me and other documentarians to offset some of the challenges we've been experiencing, boost our spirits, and assist us in continuing to pursue a bright cinematic future." Lorenzo DeStefano - Ventura, California
Applications for each month's funding accepted until the 14th of each month. Applications received after the 14th, will go into submissions for the next month's funding. 

Indie Film Star Supporters

We Thank These Donors for Supporting Our Roy W. Dean Grant and Highly Recommend Them
Simple DCP is a premier provider of theatrical, broadcast, and digital deliverables. No matter your platform, they help you deliver your content where it needs to go. 

Located in Los Angeles, CA - Simple DCP knows the film industry. From Academy Award winners to breakout web series, they service a diverse, global clientele with tailored solutions and one-on-one attention. Start the conversation with them and see how they can help you bring your film to the big and small screen.

The Winner of the Roy W. Dean Spring Grant will receive a 10% discount on DCP conversion service and use facility for no charge. 

Attorney Robert Seigel has more than twenty years experience in the counseling and representation of directors, individual producers, production companies, writers, distribution companies and foreign sales agents concerning the development, financing, production, marketing, distribution and licensing of fiction and non-fiction projects.

His practice also includes representing performing artists, music recording and publishing companies, talent management companies, book authors, playwrights and digital media content developers and providers.

His clients' projects have appeared theatrically and on network, syndicated, public and cable television and have earned Academy Award nominations, Emmy nominations and awards, Peabody awards and prizes at major film festivals.

Winner of the Roy W. Dean Grant for Spring will receive from 15% off legal services.

Championing Mental Health 

A Free Live-Stream Event in Support of Military Caregivers Month

We are honored to be partnered with the producers of our Roy W. Dean Grant Winner Stranger At Home to bring you the free live-stream event "Championing Mental Health" 

Date: March 31st, 4pm to 5:15 Pacific Time.

You can watch on our Facebook page on the Stranger at Home Facebook page.

If you're not on Facebook you can watch it here:

Roy W. Dean Grant Winner 
"La Recua" World Premiere 

Newest Winner Accepted into Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Congrats to Roy W. Dean Grant winner "La Recua" on being accepted into the Santa Barbara International Film Festival where it will make it's world premiere!

Don't miss the opportunity to see this beautifully filmed, heartfelt documentary about the old-time packers in Baja California Sur. A tribute to a fading history... at its best!

For tickets for virtual showing go to

After purchase, starting April 1, 2021, you will have access to view this film via on any web browser or the SBIFF 2021 app on Apple TV and Roku devices.
New Fiscally Sponsored Films

Some of The Latest Projects Fundraising With Us 
In the feature film ChronieAn aspiring comedian is forced to reckon with Crohn's disease and his parents' divorce before an opportunity of a lifetime is sabotaged. It's a heartfelt comedy about identity, family, and the daily struggles of an embarrassing illness.  The filmmakers have gathered the support of over a dozen Crohn's and Colitis organizations to help us reach our core audience.  For the director, this film is the next step in their personal journey to accept, embrace, and claim their illness. It's to help empower others and encourage the search for humor in a difficult situation.
The short film Escape: The Unknown, is about a domestic violence victim who has regained control of her life after three years of being abused is forced down memory lane when she realizes that she is being followed by an unknown person which happens to be her ex-boyfriend.  This project is important to the filmmaker, Quantieshia Brown, because, "I have been stalked by someone before which led to the young lady threatening my life, stalking my social media, my whereabouts, and making my life miserable, When I went to report it to the police, the woman officer laughed in my face. It was that moment when I begin to think about how people feel when they report their domestic violence situation or stalking situation and is laughed at or does not have the support to continue to fight for justice they deserve."  

Reverb is a series about three young gay men that are from Chicago living their life as eligible bachelors. They deal with the trials and tribulations of being gay in society. In the pilot episode, Donovan, who is recovering from a bad break up, recently started back dating, but the guy Donovan is dating finds out he's HIV positive. Donovan has to decide if he wants to continue on with the guy. Meanwhile, Donovan's other roommates are trying to figure out how to adjust to being roommates. Hiram didn't know Jorgie was going to be a roommate so he is left with the decision to either stay or leave. Jorgie is trying to get everything to come together. The two roommates come together to give Donovan the support he needs in dealing with his dating issues.

Upcoming Film Funding Opportunities

The Moving Picture Institute's Rising Filmmaker Program supports filmmakers who are committed to developing and producing marketable projects about human freedom. 

They have supported the careers of over 100 producers, directors, editors, and screenwriters. Participants work closely with mentors, take part in workshops and masterclasses, and have the opportunity to see their work produced by MPI.  

Applications may be submitted at any time, but please note that they review them on a cyclical basis three times per year.

Next application review is the last week of May for their Spring cycle
Show You the Money!

Key Resources to Help You Get Your Film Funded

Crowfunding Resources -  Articles and interviews with fundraising experts.  Sample successful campaign trailers.  

Film Grants - List of funding opportunities from around the US for filmmakers. 

Roy W. Dean Grant Application - Next grant deadline Oct 31st.

Corporate Matching Gifts - Comprehensive list of companies that will match donations made by employees to your flim. 

Film Funding Guidance Class - Recorded class with Carole Dean on defining your mission, having a vision for yourself and your film, and how to set goals.

How to Use Fiscal Sponsorship to Fund Your Film - Video with Carole Dean on how working with a fiscal sponsor will increase your funding. 
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By the end of this class, you will be INSPIRED, MOTIVATED, and CONFIDENT.

The Class contains over 3 hours on content that includes:
  • Secrets for creating successful crowdfunding campaigns
  • Hosting successful fundraising ZOOM and house parties
  • How to find and close high net worth investors and donors
  • Making one-on-one asks that work
  • How to manage and find the time you need to fund raise
  • Creating successful pitches for donors and investors
  • How to build your audience, and get them to fund and purchase your film
  • How to win grants
  • and Much More! 


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