August 2018

This month we explore the value of a product marketing roadmap. It's not a staple in most B2B organizations but it's just as important to your near-term revenue as a product roadmap is to your longer-term growth.

We also look in the rear-view mirror at Agile and discuss what's changed and what hasn't along with tips for dealing with flat growth and shifting market conditions. 

Enjoy our August issue. 

In This Issue
  • Product Marketing & Sales
    • Using a Product Marketing Roadmap to Boost Sales
    • The Common Thread That Drives Success Across Sales, Product Marketing and Product Management
  • Product Management & Strategy
    • Shifting Markets, Shifting Strategy: Three Considerations
    • Product Management Priorities When Growth Hits a Wall
    • Agile Development: We've come full Circle 
The Value of a Product Marketing Roadmap
It's Like Deep Sea Fishing for Sales
A product marketing roadmap for sales is like a popular technique used in deep sea fishing. The captain turns on the sonar to locate schools of fish, you put the appropriate bait on your line, drop it and start reeling in fish. Is it time for product marketing to take your salesforce on a deep sea fishing trip?

Agile Development
We've Come Full Circle

Remember when the internet was going to eliminate the middle man? When Agile software development took the software world by storm, it was like many other paradigm shifts. Agile promised to be the next panacea for whatever ailed software companies. And just like the internet, we didn't know what we didn't know, but now we're in a much better place. Here's a look back at three things that have changed for the better and three things that are still the same.

Sales, Product Marketing & Product Management
The Common Thread That Drives Success

If your organization is going to consistently deliver, market and sell solutions with strategic customer value - solutions that have value from the C-suite all the way down to the people in the trenches - there's a common thread across sales, product marketing and product management that drives everything.

It's answers to these six questions:
  1. WHO are our target customers?
  2. WHAT are they trying to accomplish?
  3. WHY are those goals critical to their success?
  4. WHAT's stopping them and WHY?
  5. WHAT are they doing about it?
  6. WHAT metrics are used to quantify success?
If you need to get your product management, product marketing and sales teams marching to the same drummer, contact us to learn how the  Proficientz Framework and training programs simplify everything so that you can  consistently deliver, market and sell high-value solutions with less effort.
In the Trenches!

Product Management's Priorities?

What should product management's priorities be when your company's growth hits the wall?
The Playbook
Shifting Markets, Shifting Strategy: Three Considerations

Shifting markets usually constitute a shift in product strategy for most organizations. For some, the current market climate presents a world of opportunity and for others it's an exercise in survival. 

The Playbook: T hree Key Aspects of Product Strategy That Matter Most
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