33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (A) | Nov 15, 2020
Mass Schedule for the Coming Weeks
This Friday (today), Governor Cooper's executive order goes into effect limiting indoor gatherings to no more than ten people. While religious services are exempt from this mandate, we do want to be extra-cautious about the potential spread of Covid-19 as we approach the end of the semester. Therefore we will be having Mass this Sunday outdoors, on the lawn of Hillside Grind. We hope you can join us for fellowship at the hot-dog cook-out after. This will be our final cook-out of the semester.

Due to the smaller number of students who will be staying on campus after in-person classes end on Nov. 20, we will be having Mass in our chapel on Sunday, Nov. 22 (the Solemnity of Christ the King).

Using our Talents for God
This Sunday we hear the parable of the Master who entrusts his servants with different amounts of talents and judges them based on whether they used those talents to the Master's benefit. A talent is a coin worth a great deal. It is also where we get our English word "talent," meaning a natural skill or inclination. We all have different God-given talents, and like the servants in the parable, we are called to use them well in the service of God. That's what we discuss in this week's video reflection.

In Christ,
Deacon Matt
This Week's Schedule
All events are at the Catholic Student Center unless otherwise noted.
Face masks and social distancing required at all events.
Sunday, Nov 15
  • 3:00 pm | Confession
  • 3:30 pm | Rosary
  • 4:00 pm | Outdoor Mass (in person or livestreamed on Facebook)
  • After Mass | Hot-dog Cook-out

Tuesday, Nov 17

Wednesday, Nov 18

Thursday, Nov 19

Friday, Nov 20
  • 12:15 pm | Mass
  • After Mass | Divine Mercy Chaplet
This week we are taking a break from CCM Connect while our students focus on their end-of-semester assignments. If you missed last week's episode on the sacred artwork displayed at CCM, be sure to watch it. And stay tuned next week for our Senior Send-off episode where we interview the graduating members of our Peer Ministry team about their time in campus ministry and their post-graduation plans.
During the month of November, the Church encourages us to pray in a special way for the departed souls in Purgatory, and offers special indulgences for doing so. In this month's installment of CCM In-Depth, Deacon Matt talks about Purgatory, Indulgences and Praying for the Dead, and why to properly understand these things, we need to understand what the Church teaches about salvation.
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