Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! Here at Utah Agriculture in the Classroom, we want you to know we're still working to provide teachers with standards-based curriculum, hands-on activities, and professional development opportunities. Utah AITC stayed busy this summer attending national conferences and presenting at various professional development workshops for Utah teachers. 

Utah AITC kicked off the summer by hosting a two-day Farm-to-Table Trek in Logan, Utah, for K-12 Utah teachers. This summer institute provided teachers with hands-on experiences and inservice training. We enjoyed touring and visiting various agricultural businesses and industries in Cache Valley including Central Milling, Caffe Ibis, Utah State University beef farm, Gossner Foods, Ballard Hog Farm, and Green Canyon Farms. Teachers found numerous ways to infuse their existing curriculum with the depth and real-world relevance that food and agriculture can bring to classroom learning experiences.
In June, our Utah AITC team, five Utah teachers, and two women's committee members from Utah Farm Bureau attended the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference in Saratoga Springs, New York. We attended various hands-on workshops presented by teachers from all over the United States. Our own Meaghan Porritt, who teaches at Lewiston Elementary, was recognized as one of eight National Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award recipients. Mark your calendars and join us next year at the National Conference in Orlando, Florida, June 27-30, 2022.

This school year, we encourage you to get involved by attending conferences and workshops, applying for grants, scholarships, and awards, and finding new ways to integrate agriculture into your existing curriculum. We hope you have a fun year!

~ Denise, Bekka, Carrie, and Saydee
APPLY NOW! Utah Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) is awarding ten $500 awards to Utah pre-kindergarten through 12th grade core education teachers whose innovative classroom projects use agricultural concepts to teach reading, writing, math, healthy lifestyles, science, or social studies. The deadline for award applications is October 7, 2022, at midnight. All applicants will be notified of award status by email on or before October 14, 2022. The purpose of the Utah AITC Classroom Award is to encourage teachers to use agricultural concepts to teach core subject areas. This award is designed to fund projects that will educate Utah Pre-K-12 students about the importance of agriculture. Only fully completed applications will be considered.

Take a look below at what some of our 2021 award recipients accomplished with their $500 awards.
Mr. Zuckerman's Farm
Jana Maw; Hooper Elementary

At Hooper Elementary, each family was given a copy of Charlotte's Web. Children then held a literacy STEAM event where families and the community learned about ecosystems and pigs. Hands-on lessons, field trips, and agricultural art were all implemented throughout the year.
First Step in Ecosystems: Sunlight Transfers Energy to Plants
Kathryn Smith; Layton Elementary

Students at Layton Elementary planted seeds and observed that sun energy is used by plants to grow. They experimented with alfalfa seeds, grew tomato plants, and harvested peas in class. Desktop greenhouses and Spacelite kits were purchased for this project.
The $500 classroom award can be used to purchase materials for various agricultural literacy projects including (but not limited to) building supplies for garden boxes, grow towers, greenhouse materials, classroom kits from the AgClassroom Store, brooding supplies, field trip expenses, aquaponics supplies, hydroponic supplies, seeds, soil, and much more.
If you have any questions about the classroom award, please contact Bekka Israelsen at (435) 797-1833 or [email protected].
Each October, schools, preschools, workplaces, and individuals across Utah celebrate National Farm-to-School Month by crunching into Utah-grown apples. The Apple Crunch is a way to get excited about delicious local produce, help students understand where their food comes from, and support local farmers. Across the state, students taste-test different apple varieties, take field trips to local farms, and participate in other apple-themed learning activities.
Ready to participate in the Greatest Crunch on Earth? Register today!
What is Harvest of the Season?
Harvest of the Season is a fun farm to fork promotional program. Educational resources are provided for classrooms, gardens and kitchens that showcase seasonal Utah-grown foods.

Why should you participate in Harvest of the Season?
Harvest of the Season increases children's exposure to and consumption of seasonal Utah-grown goods, along with their knowledge of Utah agriculture. Harvest of the Season also helps support small, local farms by increasing their institutional customer base. With Harvest of the Season, children, farmers, and communities all benefit!