Join us for the 2021 National Conference!
Des Moines, Iowa
June 28-July 1, 2021
Iowa Event Center/Hilton Des Moines Downtown

The 2021 National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference "Fields of Dreams" is a hybrid conference. There is an in-person option for attendees who are able to travel to Des Moines, Iowa, and a virtual option with a selection of sessions for attendees to live stream over the course of the three-day conference. 

Whether attending in-person, or virtually, you must register for the conference to participate. 

The National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization is proud to present this annual conference providing dynamic professional development to teachers and education professionals who use agriculture as a lens for authentic learning experiences. 
Carla Van Oene, a 5th grade teacher at Windridge Elementary in Kaysville, Utah, was recently awarded a $500 classroom award from Utah AITC.

"Windridge Elementary received a grant through Utah Agriculture in the Classroom. With the excitement of our new science curriculum, we studied the process of energy from the sun to plants, consumers and then decomposers. We used our grant to help purchase seed trays, seeds, soil, and planting containers.  We planted lettuce, radishes, and peas. The students are taking notes of growth they have observed. (Just a small amount at the time of these pictures.) They observed a pumpkin that has been sitting under the bush since October to see decomposition.  Students are adding leaves to our composter because it is too wet. We have learned so very much with the help from our grant. Thank you!"
Congratulations to Natalie Fullmer! Natalie was selected as a 2020 White-Reinhardt scholarship recipient, and will attend the 2021 National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference in Des Moines, Iowa.

Natalie currently uses Utah AITC lessons to promote agricultural literacy in classrooms throughout Sevier County. She has developed a successful agricultural literacy program in her school district which includes "Ag Week." Natalie volunteers in classrooms throughout the district and facilitates hands-on agricultural activities to teach state core curriculum. She believes agricultural literacy has a place in formal classroom teaching because of the large disconnect between consumers and producers. Natalie states, "When we can generate this education in the classroom, it will hopefully spark a conversation at home and a change in awareness."
Abraham Lincoln Clears a Path: His Agricultural Legacy
Full of Beans: Henry Ford Grows a Car
Growing a Nation Multimedia Timeline
This multimedia timeline pairs with Growing a Nation lesson plans using interactive technology to bring depth and meaning to historical events. The timeline includes stories and is linked to lesson plans that merge seamlessly with existing American history textbooks and high school history curricula. The program covers historical events such as the Dust Bowl, Great Depression, Civil War, and the impact of science and technological growth.
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