2021 Excellence in Teaching
About Agriculture Award
Teresa Hislop, an eighth grade teacher at Ogden Preparatory Academy, has been selected as the state recipient of the Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award.

Teresa teaches a Mission to Mars class where her students execute a simulated mission to Mars. She shares, "In the Mission to Mars class, developing a sustainable agricultural option on Mars is one of the students’ primary objectives. To this end, they constructed a greenhouse and are performing agricultural related experiments.  For example, one student is combining various ratios of Martian simulated soil with various Earth soil types to see which combination is best for wheat growth.  Another student is working on a strawberry and hydroponics project. Yet another student is using a sun lamp to simulate Martian radiation levels; Mars radiation is twice that of Earth and she wants to see how increased radiation levels affect plant growth."

The Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award is a competitive award that annually recognizes an outstanding teacher who increases student awareness about agriculture and instills in students an appreciation for our food and fiber system.
2020-2021 Utah Agriculture in
the Classroom Awards
Utah Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) awarded ten $500 awards to Utah pre-kindergarten through 12th grade core education teachers whose innovative classroom projects use agricultural concepts to teach reading, writing, math, healthy lifestyles, science, or social studies. 

The purpose of the Utah AITC Classroom Award is to encourage teachers to use agricultural concepts to teach core subject areas. It is designed to fund projects that will educate Utah Pre-K—12 students about the importance of agriculture.

Utah AITC 2020-2021 Classroom Award Recipients:
  • Molly Ortiz, Taylor Canyon Elementary, "Hatching Chicks & Aquaponics"
  • Amber Rock, Bell View Elementary, "Plant Journals: Documenting the Growth of Living Things"
  • Meaghan Porritt, Lewiston Elementary, "Plant Science & Embryology"
  • Carla van Oene, Windridge Elementary, "Planting for Science"
  • Laura Ure, Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy, "Eggcellent Adventure"
  • Teresa Hislop, Ogden Preparatory Academy, "Mission to Mars"
  • Scott Thieme, Crimson View Elementary, "Across All Grades"
  • Ruth King, Cedar Ridge Elementary, "CRE 5th Grade SEEd"
  • Amy Wilkey, Parowan High School, "Aquaponics in the Special Education Classroom"
  • Cody Gull, Cedar Valley High School, "Hatching Science"
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