Congratulations to Karen Webb, Utah’s 2024 Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award winner!

Karen is a grades K-5 STEM Specialist at Hurricane Elementary. She currently integrates many innovative and hands-on engineering activities to teach STEM through an agricultural lens. One example of this is quite “un-BEE-lievable!” Karen’s kindergarteners and first graders code and program robots called “Bee-Bots” to mimic pollination. So, the buzz you hear coming from her classroom could be her students’ excitement, or a group of Bee-Bots moving pompoms or “pollen” from flower to flower. 

Karen has the unique opportunity to teach every student from kindergarten through fifth grade. Her passion for teaching agriculture in a STEM class is evident in her daily integration of agricultural engineering opportunities. Consequently, Karen’s students have an accurate knowledge of—and appreciation for—the science, technology, engineering, and math involved in agriculture.

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Join us for "Agriculture Elevated!" The National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference will be held June 24-27, 2024, in Salt Lake City.

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Come explore the dairy industry and follow milk as it travels from farm to fridge. In honor of National Milk Day, Utah Agriculture in the Classroom and Dairy West are excited to announce NEW LegenDAIRY boxes! Each box highlights the dairy industry (cattle breeds, milk, cheese, and more!) and provides teachers with standards-based curriculum linked to science, social studies, health, and nutrition.

This box is FREE for any current K-12 (public education) teachers in Utah who complete the 20-minute module.

Each box contains:
  • Classroom set of Utah Agriculture Activity Maps
  • Dairy breed characteristics cards 
  • Dairy cattle feed examples 
  • Classoom set of plastic cups for butter making 
  • How to Make Butter in a Cup instructions 
  • Cow to Carton timeline cards 
  • Cheesemaking kit 

This project is funded by Utah AITC and Dairy West and includes dairy breed characteristic cards, dairy cattle feed examples, a classroom set of Utah Agriculture activity maps, classroom set of plastic cups for butter making, Cow to Carton timeline cards, and a mozzarella cheesemaking kit.

Hurry fast, boxes are limited!