"Discussion is impossible with someone who claims not to seek the truth, but already to possess it."

- Romain Rolland, Above the Battle
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Talking About Calligraffiti: Communicating a Larger Message through Aesthetically Altered Written Text

In early July, Ogden 1st Inc. (O1ARTS) will present "Calligraffiti," a project that combines local poetry, local street artists, and the Ogden community in a free outdoor exhibit and discussion series on life in Ogden.

The discussion portion is supported through a Utah Humanities Quick Grant. The video below describes the form and function of the project:


Calligraffiti is defined as a form of visual art that attempts to communicate a larger message through writing that has been aesthetically altered in the effort of moving beyond the literal meaning. Simply put, it is the conscious effort of making a word or group of words into a visual composition. It is meant to be both an aesthetic experience and provocative art-mixing tradition and precision with modern unbridled self-expression.

Humanities Improving Communities

Scott Patria, Executive Director of O1ARTS explains the goal of the project to "establish a dialogue between three sectors which may not normally communicate directly: poets, area residents, and the visual (street) artists to discover new and common ground for dialogue, engagement, and understanding." 

Roundtable discussions will provide an opportunity for community members to discuss life in Ogden, versus the poets' descriptions, and whether the two realities intersect. The exhibit space, called Platforms, provides the prefect space to bring together Ogden's diverse communities by transforming a blighted, vacant lot in downtown Ogden into a vibrant, open-air community-focused gallery space which is available 24/7.

Patria describes how this project improves their community by saying that "the neighborhood residents benefit from the project's accessible format; there are no socioeconomic barriers.
We look forward to resident engagement, feedback, and hopefully participation in roundtable discussions. A community is most successful when its citizens are brought together to engage with one another for the benefit of social good."

Lead poet Janica Johnstun says of the project that "The CalliGraffiti exhibit creatively expresses through art the blossoming of Ogden, a City that has faced many challenges and continues to thrive "untamed." This exhibit has taken the "pen to papered" words of local poets, those whom live, love and breathe in this city, and dynamically accentuated the meaning within them, with depth and color. Art connects individuals, strengthens communities, and allows the embrace of our diversity to shine."

For more information on this upcoming project, visit our Utah Humanities events calendar and this Facebook event page.

Photos:  Calligraffiti and street artists Josh Pohlman and Jeremy Little. Photos courtesy of Scott Patria, Curator for O1ARTS.

Video:  Features street artists Josh Pohlman and Jeremy Little.  Video courtesy of Scott Patria, Curator for O1ARTS.

20 Years of the Utah Humanities Annual Book Festival!

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary With Us

Our annual book festival is fast-approaching and we are celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Stay tuned for more information on book festival events in your community, details on visiting authors, and stories about how the book festival has influenced individuals and improved communities for the past 20 years.

Share Your Book Festival Story

If you have a story to share about how the Utah Humanities Book Festival has influenced you or your community, please contact Deena Pyle, Utah Humanities Communications Director, at pyle@utahhumanities.org or 801.359.9670 x111.

For more information on how to partner with Utah Humanities to build literature and humanities content into your events, or for more information on how to get involved with this year's book festival, contact Michael McLane, Director of the Center for the Book, at mclane@utahhumanities.org or 801.359.9670 x104.

Making 'In Honor of' and Memorial Gifts to Utah Humanities

Do you have a mentor, colleague, friend, or family member who had a positive impact on your life? Would a memorial gift be of comfort to a grieving family? Or is there a special occasion being celebrated or remembered, like a birthday, anniversary, or graduation?

Commemorate the event or celebrate someone's life by making a gift to Utah Humanities. Your generosity is a meaningful way to express gratitude or recognize important life events while helping people around Utah improve their communities through active engagement in the humanities.

We will send a personalized letter to the honoree or family member notifying them of your kind gesture. Additionally, you will receive a letter documenting your tax-deductible contribution. 

For more information, contact Cristi Wetterberg at wetterberg@utahhumanities.org or 801.359.9670.

Utah Works Short Stories Continues on Utah Public Radio

Utah Works is a new, continuing series of short stories about the way we work in Utah, told in participants' own words. Stories are updated frequently, so visit and listen often!

Utah Works is based on The Way We Worked, a traveling exhibition created by the Smithsonian Institution and the National Archives that explores how work became such a central element in American culture.

Utah Humanities is touring The Way We Worked to six Utah communities during 2017. As part of the exhibition tour, we are collaborating with Utah Public Radio and exhibition hosts in Ogden, Hyrum, and Fillmore to interview local residents about their work.

Utah Public Radio is broadcasting Utah Works stories across the state four times per week. Or stream new stories each week on the UPR website. 

For more information, and to listen to Utah Works stories, visit Utah Public Radio .

Photos: Joe McQueen, a legendary Ogden Jazz musician tells us about his other passion--cars, and for the last ten years, Shawn Bliss has operated the Cache and Rich County Bookmobile.

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