Good morning, health care advocates!

As things continue to change, we want to keep you informed and engaged on all-things-Medicaid expansion.

At yesterday's Health Reform Task Force meeting, the Utah Department of Health reported that the state is paying an extra $2.5 million dollars per month every month the state goes without full Medicaid expansion.

That (predictable) bad news follows two Friday evening blows: the July 26th reveal that the Trump administration would be rejecting Utah's plan to receive the full 90/10 match rate for a partial Medicaid expansion, and the subsequent August 16th announcement that Utah's request for an enrollment cap would also be denied.

The state is following the path they outlined in SB 96 in the case of such a rejection, but there are things they could do to move more quickly to get us to full Medicaid expansion as soon as possible without unnecessary delay.

So we have two calls to action in our continuing fight for full Medicaid expansion :

Call on Governor Herbert to stop wasting money and risking lives and to direct the Utah Department of Health to proceed with full Medicaid expansion as soon as possible, without harmful barriers like work reporting requirements or enrollment caps.
1) Call his office at 801-538-1000 and then
2) Sign this petition from Alliance For a Better Utah

Visit to fill out a brief survey to submit a public comment against enrollment and per capita caps and work reporting requirements.
The public comment period on the pending (partially-denied) waiver closes on September 15th!

Also, be sure you continue to spread the word that Medicaid expansion is OPEN for enrollment for people below 100% of the poverty line- about $1000 per month. Share the contact information for Take Care Utah with anyone who may be eligible: 2-1-1 or

(If you need a refresher on where we've been, or what is in SB 96, check out our last advocate's guide HERE )
Thank you for your continued advocacy,

Stacy Stanford

Health Policy Analyst
Utah Health Policy Project
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