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Utah by Air! Newsletter
For the Month of January 2018
A new image for your computer screen, 360° aerial photography, and vertical aerial mosaics.
Sunset on Maple Mountain
Sunset on Maple Mountain
January's Free  Computer Wallpaper
This months photograph features an early winter sunset on Maple Mountain in Utah County. We haven't had a lot of snow yet this year at the time of this posting, but after the last storm we photographed the sunset on just kissing the top of Maple Mountain on our way back to the airport after a photo mission. Enjoy!

To download the photo, follow this link:

Canyon Creek 360° Aerial
Canyon Creek 360 Aerial Photography
360° Aerial Photography

We have a new aerial photography service here at Utah by Air - 360° aerial photography. This new product offers you a great view of your property or construction project, and allows you or your clients to scroll around and zoom in or zoom out on any section of the imagery. In addition, multiple 360° views can be linked together for larger projects, and labeling or web-enabled hotspots can be added to supply additional information for those viewing the imagery. We use state of the art drones for most areas, and in locations that drones aren't a viable (or legal) solution, like over populated areas or near major aiports, we can create the imagery from a helicopter. Check out a few sample here:
Spanish Fork Airport
Spanish Fork Airport
Updated Vertical Aerial Mosaic Capabilities

We have recently upgraded our vertical aerial photography system to a brand new flight management system. The new system increases our ability to fly and capture imagery with better accuracy, which in turn increases the accuracy of the final seamless stitched image. Check out a zoomable sample by following the link here:

  (click here for the rest of the article)
Noreen Carey Macbean

The Noreen Macbean Training Center in Honduras, a Hope for Honduran Children Foundation project, helps teach marketable skills to teenage boys in Honduras, enabling them to provide a living for themselves and help bring them and their families out of poverty through work. We are planning to expand the center in order to ease the pressure on the current building, as well as add additional classes in computers and English. 
To learn more and to donate, please follow these links:

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