For anyone involved in the Brand Protection space, the “Multi-Layered Solution” has been the mantra, and it’s more important today than ever before. The numbers about the growing counterfeit problem are widely published. No product or brand is immune.

Multi-layered solutions significantly raise the bar for counterfeiters by forcing them to reproduce all the brand protection elements. For example, components of the solution could include:

  • Taggant in the product
  • Design of unique containers and tops
  • Technologies in the seals
  • Labels
  • Cartons
  • Shippers

Since brands already utilize the product components to go to market, implementing anti-counterfeit design or technologies on each is simple with the right plan.
"Selecting the appropriate security technology is important as a product grows or is about to be launched in a new and possibly dangerous market."
Keys to Creating a Multi-Layered Approach

1. Selecting the Appropriate Security Technology
Choosing the right combination of technologies is highly dependent on the problem at hand and anticipating potential problems. 

2. Keep ROI & Expectations in Mind
The ROI requirement for a brand protection program differs from company to company. In some cases, the cost must be covered by the reduction in counterfeits, i.e. loss of sales revenue gained back with a successful program. 

3. Best Security Programs are a Multi-Team Effort
The best multi-layered solutions involve a cross functional effort of multiple teams. The Brand Protection team may identify and approve technologies, but marketing, engineering and operations play a major part for a successful implementation. 
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