Special Report: Siemens V Frames, Part 1
Until recently, there was no efficient way for CCJ ONsite to follow the frame-specific experience of 50-Hz owner/operators, most meetings being small and geographically dispersed. However, over the last several years, the Finnish organization GTUsers.com has built a loyal following among European, Asian, and Middle Eastern owner/operators who regularly participate in its online and face-to-face conferences. CCJ ONsite and GTUsers.com are working collaboratively to help users share experiences globally.  more
GTUsers.com, a web portal designed and maintained by Gasre Oy (www.gasre.com) to facilitate communication among owner/operators of gas turbines, transitioned from a "hobby" to a professional service in 2014. Coincidentally, the independent Finnish firm, launched in that year the development of its TMMonitorâ„¢ product for gas-turbine maintenance management and parts tracking. This software is represented in the US by Lodestarâ„¢ and TTS Energy Services.  more
There were eight V94.3A user presentations at last year's meeting, half based on experience in Europe, half in Asia. The European speakers focused on the following: gas-turbine O&M history covering nearly 10 years, generator major, expansion-joint failure analysis and repair/replacement, and combustion tuning to allow an increase in fuel temperature. Presenters from Dubai Electricity & Water Authority discussed GT inspection findings, what is believed to be the world's fastest major for this frame (11 days), and the underlying cause of fuel-oil flex-hose damage.  more
There were six V94.2 user presentations at the 2019 meeting, half based on experience in Europe, half in the Middle East. Speakers focused on the following: results of an extended HGP, follow-up on repairs to a compressor's axial bearing after two years of operation, outage findings, damage to turbine blades attributed to domestic object damage, damage found in the solenoids of natural-gas vent valves, and finding the location of a generator ground fault.  more
ARNOLD Group is well known worldwide for its gas- and steam-turbine insulation solutions; in Europe and Asia also for its powerplant rotating-equipment and valve field-services capabilities. The company's history in gas-turbine insulation, the focus of this report, goes back nearly a quarter of a century to the installation of the first Arnold 3D single-layer system on a V64.3A (SGT-1000F) machine at EnBW Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg AG's 1200-MW Altbach/Deizisau combined heat and power plant. more
Hearing protection, explains Plant Manager Peter Kuijs, is one of the main health challenges at this AES Jordan site. Personnel (especially O&M teams) are exposed to high noise areas daily. The hearing-protection devices used were disposable ear plugs or ear muffs. Their main deficiencies: Discomfort, incorrect use, infection, and lifecycle cost. The main objective of the project was to provide more effective noise protection with a device suitable for use by all AES Jordan employees.  more
June 4, 2020 @ 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific
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