Independent Toy Awards 2017
We are delighted to announce that the
V-Sphere™ has been selected as a winner
in the 2017 Independent Toy awards .
In a year which saw a host of fantastic entrants we are incredibly proud to see the
V-Sphere™ gain even more recognition in the puzzle and toy community.
Appropriate for every age, tactile, engaging and most importantly - endless fun!
Keep playing the V-Sphere™
and experience the addictive fun!
The V-Sphere™ is an eye-catching, innovative spherical sliding puzzle
that will challenge, excite and amaze boys and girls of all ages!
The V-Sphere™ is the next innovative step in hand –help 3D puzzles. Players must scramble, slide and solve the tiles to ensure each segment is colour matched. Slide one tile at the time or rotate the whole rows of tiles around the circumference of the V-Sphere™. 

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