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September 9, 2021 | Issue-9
The Final Push

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Virginia Urban Wood Group's newsletter! Our planned schedule is to offer this newsletter every other month.

So, I was wrong. Last month I hinted that the COVID crisis may finally be under control and then all of a sudden the Delta Variant reared its ugly head and once again we are dealing with increasing COVID cases. The big difference from last year though is that most of the population is vaccinated and so life seems a bit more "normal".

The final push to the end of the year is upon us - are you ready?! Over the past couple of weeks there has been a hint of fall in the air. With fall brings more activity such as sawmilling and people ordering hand-crafted holiday presents. So are you ready for more tree felling, more milling, more making, more deliveries?

We hope that you find this newsletter useful and enjoyable!

Joe Lehnen
VA Dept of Forestry
Urban Wood Program Coordinator
Preparing for the Fall Rush
Sawmill Maintenance

If you are like me, the seasons seemingly pass quickly and before you know it Thanksgiving is here, and then the Christmas season is immediately knocking at the door! The same is true with the maintenance of any tool or machine. You think there is a lot of time and then all of a sudden the really busy season arrives and there is a scramble to get ready for it. In this issue we explore some helpful tips for maintaining your sawmill from some very experienced millers!
Paul Garrity explains the differences
 in sawing techniques
Jim Hart's mill on delivery day
and after many years
of making sawdust!
Brittany Clem & Mike Hott of
Family Tree Woodcrafters
making slabs with
their Lucas Mill
Paul Garrity
Garrity Custom Sawing
Chesapeake, VA
Paul Garrity has been sawing logs for over 28 years. His present mill is a Woodmizer LT-40-HD and it has made a workhorse for a very long time! Paul shares some great tips on mill maintenance that has helped him keep sawing and reduce the amount of downtime:

The most important maintenance tip of all is keep any metal-on-metal parts greased, oiled or lubricated. Sawmills don't make good lawn ornaments; they need to be used regularly and kept lubricated.

Next - Sawmills produce a lot of sawdust. Keep air filters clean and sweep off excess sawdust.

Thirdly - Always cut with a sharp blade. Replace blades sooner rather than later.

For more information about Paul Garrity's business or to contact him with questions, please visit the website >>


Jim Hart
Brookside Farm
Sawmill Services
Scottsville, VA

Jim Hart from Scottsville, VA is another veteran miller with over 27 years of experience. Jim's present mill is also a Woodmizer LT-40-HD and it has sawn a huge number of logs! With his almost three decades of experience, Jim has some great tips on mill maintenance that has helped him be productive and greatly reduced the amount of downtime:

1) In order to cut well-manufactured lumber, you need
to have your mill properly aligned. Often times your owner's manual will have a good procedure for aligning the mill. Follow that procedure whenever you suspect a problem with the alignment on the mill. 

2) Engine maintenance: oil changes and air filter changes (per manufacturer recommendation). If your mill does not get run regularly try to use a non-ethanol gas and a fuel stabilizer. This would be if it sits for long periods of time (i.e., more than a month or so). 

3) Another item to keep check on is the greasing of all the grease fittings at least every 30-40 hours run time. Automatic transmission fluid is good for lubing chains and other metal surfaces to help keep corrosion to a minimum. 

Check out Jim's Facebook page to learn more about his business >>


Manufacturers Guides
Sawmill Maintenance

 Beyond the great advice of the two experienced sawmillers, most all of the major portable sawmill companies offer great on-line guides with maintenance information for all components of the sawmill system. A couple of the companies ask you to "request" a service guide but they are still available at no cost.

Following is a listing of maintenance guidebook links for the more popular sawmills, click on the company name and it will take you to the online resources:

There are also numerous YouTube videos on sawmill maintenance and repair hosted by both the companies and owners. All you need to do is search based upon your make and model. You will be amazed at the wide variety of topics that are covered!


Many thanks to Trees Virginia (Virginia's Urban Forest Council) for hosting this newsletter and allowing access to their Constant Contact platform!
The Virginia Urban Wood Program is supported by the Virginia Department of Forestry and a grant from the U.S. Forest Service, Southern Region.

The Marketing Corner

It's Around Here Somewhere...

How many times have you said that to yourself or even to a waiting customer as you search for a specific slab, wood type or a board of a certain size? If you are nodding your head in the affirmative and also laughing/cringing, you are not alone!

Being somewhat or seriously disorganized with your log or wood inventory can waste precious time, may make you appear a bit unprofessional to your customers, and worst of all, cost you sales. Maybe it is time for you to check-out a new inventory system!

  The folks at Cambium Carbon have developed an inventory management management and website integration software known as Traece that makes it easy to track and sell your wood. The Cambium Carbon team designed Traece software specifically for millers and makers.
Traece allows you to:

o   Track your full inventory of slabs & lumber from the original source tree, through the milling & drying process. 
o   Easily connect your available product to your website - enabling easy online sales. Check out how Baldwin Hardwoods uses it to promote their slabs, lumber, and products through their website. 
o   "It tripled our sales during the first two months of implementation" --Baldwin Hardwoods
o   Quickly search & export requested photos, prices, and product information to send to a client.
o   Set pricing parameters once to automatically generate price and board foot estimates for every new entry.
o   Add inventory on-the-fly from your phone, tablet, or desktop.
o   Print QR codes for easy tagging, scanning, and location based management.
o   Access insightful dashboards and reports
o   The Cambium team is offering a free trial of this product for the first three months!

Traece has proven its value among current users and is trusted by shops like Street Tree RevivalBaldwin Hardwoods and Hoppe Tree Service.

If you're interested, feel free to reach out to Joe, at to learn more or schedule a demo.