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February 25, 2021 | Issue-6
Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Virginia Urban Wood Group's newsletter! Our planned schedule is to offer this newsletter every other month.

A belated Happy New Year to all of you - we hope that 2021 brings with it good health and a successful business year!

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Joe Lehnen
VA Dept of Forestry
Urban Wood Program Coordinator
Giving Wood a Second Life
Lumber is no longer One-n-Done!
Reclaimed versus Fresh-cut Wood
Yes, there is a difference, but admittedly it is sometimes a matter of
semantics as to what you call the wood you are using.
Following are the most accepted definitions:

Reclaimed Wood - refers wood that has been previously milled and used in a building or piece of furniture. Often it is re-planed, kiln dried for pest control and sawn to meet consumer preferences.

Fresh Cut Wood - is wood that originates in log form that is milled into lumber or slabs. This is wood being used for the first time as a consumer forest product.
Photo by: Taylor Moore III >>
Biophilic Design and Reclaimed Wood

Biophilic design is a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions. (Wikipedia)

The main concept of biophilia is about minimizing the barriers between humans and the natural world. It’s an increasingly important area of design because it solves many of the problems present of the built environment in which some people spend up to ninety percent of their day! Smaller, work spaces and enclosed retail environments totally isolate their occupants from nature, which can result in lower performance rates and also result in poorer customer satisfaction and spending. Biophilia’s answer to this problem
is to incorporate more nature into building design by adding such features as more wood, living plants and panoramic outside views.

Reclaimed wood can play an integral role in biophilic design. This urban natural resource offers an historic connection to the past, and also unique patinas often missing in fresh-cut woods. As an environmental bonus, using reclaimed wood continues its carbon holding capacities that may have begun decades, if not centuries ago!

More info on biophilic design can be found at >>

Wellborn & Wright
Richmond, VA
Wellborn + Wright is firm passionate about quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship and whose core essence is in reclaiming, designing and manufacturing luxury architectural elements. In their Richmond, Virginia location, which is home to both their production operation and retail showroom, Wellborn + Wright transforms reclaimed beams, timbers, siding and fenceposts into classic, warm design features. They source material from pre-industrial and early century structures throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Appalachian valley. Using these historic materials they create hardwood flooring, wall paneling, mantels and decorative beams to be used in luxury hotels, restaurants, breweries, as well as in the typical, family living space. 

For more information about Wellborn + Wright and the products they manufacture, please visit their website >>

E.T. Moore Manufacturing, Inc.
Richmond, VA

For more than fifty years, E. T. Moore Manufacturing, Inc., located in Richmond, VA, has been the largest processor of Reclaimed Heart Pine (Pinus palustris). Native to the southern United States, Longleaf Heart Pine was a wood of choice in many larger homes, mills, and warehouses in the first 200 years of our nation’s history. Unfortunately, demand for this material caused it to be timbered off by the early 1900’s. Because Longleaf Pine grew very slowly, it is unlikely that it will ever again be available in commercial quantities. The tree requires between 150 and 400 years to develop the “heart” which gives the material its distinctive color and hardness,
E. T. Moore has pioneered the salvage of Reclaimed Heart Pine. When we first started, demolition companies hauled this national treasure to the landfill seeing no value in this old scrap wood. Seeing the wanton waste of this beautiful wood, we began purchasing and deconstructing buildings containing heart pine timber. This experience has allowed us to work with other less experienced demolition contractors to increase the maximum salvage out of these buildings.
Over the years, our inventory has grown to be the largest in the country. Our manufacturing process has been refined to ensure grade consistency and develop the fastest lead times in the industry, usually around two weeks. Today, products range from heart pine and reclaimed flooring, reclaimed beams, reclaimed wood walls and paneling, columns, and a full range of stair components.  

For more information about E.T. Moore, visit their webpage >>

Knoched VA
Crimora, VA

Knoched Va was created in 2011 in Keezletown, Virginia in my small 1920’s garage. My passion and love for old barns coupled with the great history and stories of men milling and erecting these barns from the trees on their properties always fascinated me. I started collecting and salvaging as much barn wood as I could get my hands on. The first piece I built was salvaged white oak from a barn in Mauzy, Virginia. This high top table was originally for my home, but ended up in Three Notch’d Brewery in Harrisonburg, along with three more that I was hired to make. It was on from there!!!

I now share a 6,000 square foot shop with Sean Black of Black Forest Sawmill in Crimora, VA. Creating coffee tables, end tables and farm tables along with rustic picture frames out of reclaimed barn wood is still a huge passion of mine, but I have also added urban wood to my building practice, incorporating live edge and dimensional lumber from fresh cut trees. 

The trends in furniture building are always changing but reclaimed American chestnut is a very popular wood. Also popular are heart pine (shortleaf pine), hickory and walnut. I am currently working on two American chestnut coffee tables whose wood was salvaged from Shenandoah Valley barns. Customers have been requesting whiskey and wine barrel pieces. The white oak staves are quarter sawn and beautiful and they smell good too! I have always felt blessed that I can make a living using and creating with these beautiful native Virginia hardwoods!  

Additional information about Brad and his business can be found his website >>

Photo Credit: kmb architects
Photo credit: terramai


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The Marketing Corner

Location, Location Location!

I know that most all of you have heard that marketing phrase before! Translated it means that the location of your storefront can be the difference between robust sales and hiring a teenager to go stand on the corner with a sign pointing people in your direction!

Yet for this marketing message the meaning of the phrase is to be sure to put your location somewhere prominently in your profile on whatever social media platform you are using. There is nothing more frustrating to potential customers than having to go to your website, or even worse, having to do a Google search just to find out where your business is located!

One of the main reasons this is important is local marketing. People want to support local businesses first. They tend to see if what they are seeking is locally available before they expand their search regionally, state-wide and finally nationally. Take advantage of this current laser-focused loyalty to our local producers and service providers!

Now don't panic - it does not have to be your street address, it can as simple as:

Oscar's Oak Emporium
Roanoke, VA

Merely allowing people to see where your business is located will be like a magnet for attracting new customers!