TO THE POINTE - January 2017
It's only the beginning of January and there's already a lot to celebrate.

On January 5th, 16 Bridge and PTP students travelled to the Seattle regional competition of the Youth America Grand Prix (seen the ballet documentary "First Position?" Yes, it's that prestigious competition).

After a long weekend of travel, performances and masterclasses, VAB returned with the following results:

-Top 12 in Contemporary: Luke, Saia and Airi

-Top 12 in Ballet: Charlotte (3rd place winner!), Yuka, Airi and Saia

-Ensemble Category: 1st Place for Grand Valse

-Outstanding School Award (second year in a row!)

We couldn't be more proud of all of our students - they performed beautifully and represented VAB as a school for exemplary training.

Charlotte wins 3rd place in Senior Classical Ballet; Airi, Saia, Luke and Charlotte on stage for results; "Grand Valse" - 1st place winner for Ensemble Groups.

3 Things...

  • Attendance Policy:
    With performances coming up for our students, it is essential that families do their best to avoid missing classes:
To ensure continual progress of each child it is necessary for students to attend classes on a regular basis. Please have your dancer arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class. If a student arrives late, he/she should wait at the door until there is a break in the music and then join the class. Students arriving continuously late will not be permitted to participate in the class and will be required to watch.
There is no refund for missed classes. Arrangements can be made to make up classes missed due to illness or excused absence and should be made up as soon as possible. Contact the office at or 250-590-6752 if you are unable to attend class or would like to arrange a make-up class. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions or emergencies, Victoria Academy of Ballet reserves the right to reschedule and/or cancel classes at the Director's discretion.

  • Do you have fees owing to the office? Not sure? That's ok. Pop in or drop us an email and we'll get it all sorted out.
  • Feb 24th will be a Professional Development Day to help our staff and faculty plan. This means that classes for the whole school will be cancelled on Friday, Feb 24th. This class time will be made up during our extra recital rehearsal on Saturday, May 13th.
With Flying Colors

Congratulations to the following students on successful completion of their Cecchetti Examinations!

  • Annissa Granegger
  • Robin Butterfield
  • Layanna Robinson
  • Hazuki Kishida
  • Beatrix Bellosillo
  • Rebekah Cunningham
  • Femke Ramirez Renteria
  • Anna Lawrance
  • Yura Nitta
  • Luke Wilton
  • Mizuki Seiji
  • Akane Shimizu
  • Rin Nagakura
  • Itsuki Atsuta
  • Julia Doroschuk-Sloan
  • Megan Wong
  • Karli Kuemper
  • Miki Takahashi
  • Katherine Chang
  • Sayaka Matsushita
  • Valeria Perez Aguirre
  • Paula Cobo Botello
  • Aimee Jones
  • Adrian de Leeuw
  • Seiji Suzuki


And an extra special Congratulations to Ms Megee for completing her Cecchetti Associate Teaching Exam! After a gruelling 2.5 hour exam in front of two international examiners, Sarah received the highest marks "with Distinction."
Although Ms Megee was already a qualified teacher, she chose to add this qualification to her resume because of the high standard of teaching that the Cecchetti method offers (VAB's teaching method of choice).
We couldn't be more proud. Next time you see her, pass on a Congratulations!

A Sweet Showcase

Bridge Program Students and the VAB Dance Theatre Company played to a packed theatre for the annual Candy Cane Christmas show on December 17th.  
Presented by the VABSS, this fundraiser for Esquimalt's Rainbow Kitchen was a performance opportunity for our dancers and a chance to see the pieces that travelled to the Youth America Grand Prix this past weekend.

Thank you to all who attended! Missed this one? You'll have an opportunity to see these dancers in concert again on April 8th at the Oak Bay High Theatre.

Want to see gorgeous photos from the performance? We've been featuring these photos daily (taken by the multi-talented Alan Austin) on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

VABSS - Victoria Academy of Ballet Scholarship Society

Happy New Year to all our students and families.

Society members were thrilled at the turnout for the Candy Cane Xmas show and we thank everyone most sincerely for their support for both the performers and the Rainbow Kitchen.

 Over the fall months, we have been encouraged by the participation and enthusiasm you have shown for our various fundraising efforts. Our CORNER CONCESSION will operate again in the coming months and  you can expect new items in the coming weeks including: 
-Pink grapefruit cups
-Liberte Greek Yogourt
-Chocolate protein drink
-Mini Hummus
-Tuna snacks
-Danone Yogourt drink
-Baby Bell and Mini Cheddar Cheese packages
-Ritz crackers.

But our next major fundraising event will not be until May when we promote the annual  recital flower sale as well as recital DVDS.

 In the meantime, we do have some items still available from the Gingerbread Tea:
-Le Meadow's Pantry Gourmet Jams/ Marmalade
-Silk Road Tea
-Ballet Picture Note Cards

If you would like any of these items check with the office or email

Our items make handy and appreciated gifts for family and friends and proceeds help  our students with costume and competition expenses.
Over the next few months as many students perform and compete at various local Festivals, we wish for them fun, positive and rewarding experiences.

Faculty Spotlight:
Get to know our hardworking faculty. 

This month: Sarah Megee, General Program Director

Full Name:  Sarah Anastasia Megee - soon to be Dahlseide!

(Sarah got engaged to her sweetie, Mike, over the holidays! Congrats Sarah and Mike!)

Trained in: I did most of my training at the School of Alberta Ballet in Calgary, Alberta where I took classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and even a bit of Tap! 
There I completed my Advance II Examination in the Cecchetti Method my senior year of high school as well as was asked to perform with the Alberta Ballet company.  I also trained at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City.        

Favorite dancer/choreographer/company: 
Drew Jacoby (formerly of Alonzo King Lines Ballet) has always been a dancer who inspired and amazed me. Her strength and versatility as an artist is awe inspiring and she is also tall like me!

If I weren't a dance professional: 
An Occupational Therapist working with children and youth.

Favourite post-class meal: 
Thai Chicken Soup.

Why I teach: I love the relationship building with students and families and the sense of community that a dance school can foster. I also adore seeing the progress students can make over time and the self-confidence, discipline and determination that dance can instill in young people.

Best advice for up and coming dance professionals: 
Never say never. After I finished dancing I swore I would never teach... and here I am today teaching and absolutely loving it!  Your career or path may not go as planned but the journey and the outcome will always be for the better. Be open to new experiences and new directions that you might not have explored and keep pushing yourselves to grow and evolve not just as a dancer but as a human being.

Company Spotlight:

We asked VAB Dance Theatre Company's Azusa Okamoto to share a few things about what inspires her and what it's like to dance at VAB

Full Name:  Azusa Okamoto

Where I'm from: Kyoto, Japan

Trained In:  Classical Ballet (Cecchetti Method), Contemporary/Modern

Favorite role/production I was part of:  Don Quixote and Nutcracker

Dream Job: I would love to be a dancer with the National Ballet of Canada.

Favorite dancer/choreographer or company:  Marianela Nunez/ Shoko Nakamura

Favourite post-class meal: 
Getting a nice hot chocolate with my friends 

What inspires my training: I love to perform on stage and want to be a more impressive dancer.

Favourite moment at VAB: 
The year end show 2016, YAGP in New York, etc... I had so many great memories with great teachers and friends so I couldn't choose just one!

VAB Important Dates

January 29 Vancouver Cecchetti Competition
February 2
DanceWorks Soloist Spacing Rehearsal PTP/Bridge
February 13
Family Day - No classes
Whole school
February 11 - 16
DanceWorks Soloist Competition
PTP/ Bridge
February 24 Professional Development - No classes Whole school
March 6 - 18
Upper Island Music Festival PTP/Bridge
March 19 - April 1
Spring Break - No Classes
March 19 - March 25
Spring Break- No Classes
March 27 - April 1
Rehearsal Week

See the important dates for the remainder of the year here.
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