VAM Musical Spotlight
James Greening-Valenzuela, Manager
Gretchen Greenfield, Artistic Consultant
Gay-Themed Opera Mesmerizes Cincinnati Audiences
The premiere of Gregory Spears' powerful Fellow Travelers--given by the Cincinnati Opera--enjoyed a tremendous success, including this rave review in The New York Times:
VAM Artist:  Jinho Hwang
The exciting tenor Jinho Hwang has enjoyed triumphs in spinto-dramatic roles with Dayton Opera, National Theatre of Korea and El Paso Opera, among others.  Enjoy this short video of his live singing:

London Symphony Orchestra and Choruses Present Davies Posthumous
Opera Premiere
The Hogboon, a children's opera
by the late Peter Maxwell Davies, premiered in London under the direction of Simon Rattle.  The Independent reports:

In Memoriam:  
J. Reilly Lewis
We are saddened by the recent passing of the eminent J. Reilly Lewis, noted conductor of the Cathedral Choral Society in Washington, D.C.  Read the tribute
in The Washington Post: