VAM Musical Spotlight
James Greening-Valenzuela, Manager
Gretchen Greenfield, Artistic Consultant
New Orleans Opera’s “Intensely Dramatic” Tosca
New Orleans Opera ended its season on a high note with a brilliant and dramatic production of Puccini’s ToscaThe Advocate reports:
VAM Artist:  José Andrade
A specialist of Verdi and Wagner roles, baritone José Andrade has thrilled audiences at Carnegie Hall, the National Opera Center, Mobile Opera and Opera emphis, among others.  Enjoy this short compilation of his work:

Bach and Weill Sung—and Danced—in Boston
Emmanuel Music and Urbanity Dance combined to present a fascinating and unusual performance, entitled "Bach Reimangined," consisting of Bach’s cantata Phoebus and Pan, along with Kurt Weill’s The Seven Deadly Sins.  Read more in the Boston Classical Review:

Author Inspires New Generation of Classical Music Fans
David Handler pens his Lemony Snicket novels in a way that seeks to inspire young listeners by taking the “inaccessible” and “uncool” out of classical music, as described in The