Getting Your Questions Answered & Providing Resources
VAPTA has provided several resource guideline communications to local units. As new and returning leaders are reconnecting and making plans, please find below links to previously provided information and guidance.
This will be the last email communication sent to both our last year's officers list and current officers list. Please update your unit’s officer contact information with the Virginia PTA State Office as soon as possible. Please provide officer contact information even if this is your second term as you are required to provide this information annually. Failure to provide officer contact information will result in a disruption of services provided by Virginia PTA such as district and state mailings, electronic communications, and other services and benefits.

If you utilize MemberHub, please update your 2020-2021 officer and committee chair information there. If you are not using MemberHub, please use this link -
Q: How do you add officers, remove members, and clear Hubs from MemberHub?
A: Follow these transition steps to prepare your MemberHub site for the next year.
Q: Can we still mail checks to the state office for dues? Is there another way to pay dues if you are not utilizing MemberHub?
A: Yes. VAPTA is still accepting checks via USPS mail. However, the best way to ensure your membership is received is to pay through MemberHub. Even if your unit is not utilizing the service, you can still setup your account to make state payments - Making State Payments Information

Q: If you enter your officers in MemberHub, do you still need to fill out the form on the VAPTA website form?
A: No. Information will be able to be downloaded by the state office to update our required records.

Q: Our students are being split between our schools, some are doing face-to-face and virtual. How will this impact our membership goals based on last year's ADM?
A: Membership recognition will not be based on school ADMs this year. We have a membership challenge called Do Good Things For Your PTA Membership and other 'bonus' challenges will be provided throughout the school year. We understand these are unprecedented times and we want our units focused providing resources and services that assist you in obtaining membership and not a quantitative number.
Brought to you by the Fall Back to Basics Committee of Virginia PTA

Donna Colombo, President, Virginia PTA
Pamela Croom, Chair, President-elect, Virginia PTA
Kathy Harrison, Treasurer, Virginia PTA
Scott Rhyne, VP Programs, Virginia PTA
Sara Case, Patriot District Director, Virginia PTA
Kirsten Shabanowitz, Hunt District Director, Virginia PTA
Joy Phillips, Eastern Shore District Director, Virginia PTA
Cherise Newsome, President, Norfolk Council PTA
Kerri Williams, President, Bedford County Council PTA
Kara Jenkins, President, Fairfax County Council PTA
Ben Pearson-Nelson, Chesterfield County Council PTA