It’s exciting to offer a virtual coach education series with such an impressive line up of speakers. USS has provided excellent sessions this fall. This series should complement the USS program and add some interesting and important areas of expertise to your coaching tool kit.
The fee is 25 for all three sessions. After you sign up, you will receive the link a few days before each session. Credit will be given to only those who have registered. 
OPEN to all coaches, directors, parents.
Director of Sport Education at US Ski and Snowboard, Gar Trayner, will join us to check in with VT coaches.
November 12, 2020
Sasha Rearick 
6:30 - 7:30 pm
Current Head Men’s USST Development Coach and former Head Men’s USST Coach and Head WC Technical Coach, 18 years with the US Ski Team.
Creating An Exciting and Competitive Environment for Development.
During this season and during a pandemic, there will be less traveling around to different race sites, Sahsa will address why this can work in your favor and discuss ways to create better developmental opportunities than you would be able to during a typical season.
November 23, Monday
6:00 - 7:30 pm
Micheline Lemay  - 2018 VARA Junior Development Coach of the Year. Michy, for the last 15 years, has been directing the Mount Mansfield Junior Program. Founded Michy's Mindfulness Mission, and an off snow conditioning program called Rugged Adventures. US Ski and Snowboard National U14 and Under Working Group. In a live zoom session, Michy will followup on her 3 month online mindful education series. Mich will share some mindfulness practices for both you as a coach and your athlete to help navigate these unprecedented times.  
Kathy Okoniewski - 4 Years as US Ski and Snowboard Eastern Youth Development Coach, former NYSSRA Youth Coordinator. US Ski and Snowboard Coaches Education Clinician. Kathy has extensive experience working with youth and in the area of education.
 Kathy will present on Language Locker - Creating a common terminology for coaching youth, why it is crucial. Kathy will invite coaches to start thinking about cues to add to a language locker that will address movements, tactics, or performance errors. Saying the right things, the right way, to help improve the execution of proper action.
Dec 3, Thursday
6 pm
Mackenzie St. Onge
Sideline Perspective
A recent graduate of Dartmouth Mac majored in Psychology and played both ice hockey and rugby. Competitive sports have been a core part of who she is. Spending most of her life as a multi-sport athlete, she often has found herself on the sidelines. First, when she graduated from Dartmouth, which ended her hockey career and closing a 12-year chapter of her life, and at only 22. The second when she was injured during rugby.
“Both times, I felt isolated, frustrated, and lost. As I talked to teammates and friends, I came to realize I wasn’t the only one feeling alone and confused on the sideline. The more I started the conversation; the more questions came up on how we should navigate everyday things like diet and exercise, as well as the bigger topics like identity, purpose, and self-growth outside of our sports.” 
Mac started Sideline Perspective to bring people together who are sharing these experiences and create a needed supportive community. This session intends to help coaches and parents understand the mindset of transitioning athletes.
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