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2022 SYNC Vermont Cup Overall  
Many thanks to SYNC for their continued support of VARA and our athletes.    
SYNC VC Men Overall :                                  
1. Tucker Thayer – GMVS    
2. Graham Stein – OMS    
3. Bronson Culver – SMS               
1. Annika Hunt – BMA
2. Beatrice May – BMA
3. Christina Winchell – MMA
U16 NORDICA VARA State Championships
Thanks to Nordica for the continued support, Mount Mansfield Academy and Stowe Resort for hosting the women's series, and Stratton Mtn School and Stratton resort for hosting the men’s series.
Women Overall
1. Emma Guggenheimer, GMVS
2. Christina Winchell, MMA (T)
2. Annika Hunt, BMA (T)
3. Beatrice May, BMA

Women GS
1. Christina Winchell, MMA
2. Annika Hunt, BMA
3. Emma Guggenheimer, GMVS

Women SL
1. Beatrice May, BMA
2. Emily Kitanov, GMVS
3. Annika Stookey, GMVS

Women SG
1. Annika Hunt, BMA
2. Christina Winchell, MMA
3. Beatrice May, BMA
Men Overall
1. Sargent Harper, BMA
2. Graham Stein, OMS
3. Bronson Culver, SMS

Men GS
1. Stephen Zubarik, GMVS
2. Harper Sargent, BMA
3. Max Sotiriadis, BMA

Men SL
1. Culver Bronson, SMS
2. Sam Hambsch, OMS
3. Harper Sargent, BMA

Men SG
1. Graham Stein, OMS
2. Salvador Cornella, BMA
3. Max Sotiriadis, BMA

U14 State Championship

Thanks to the event sponsors, Admin Ski Racing and Marker Dalbello Volkl! Thanks to Mount Mansfield Academy and Stowe Resort for hosting the competitions and sharing their fantastic venue.
Women SG:
1. Katie Quinn, MMA
2. Maya Forkey, MMA
3. Emma Van Heyst, OMS

Women GS:
1. Kate Rowekamp, BMA
2. Hadley Reed, GMVS
3. Sofia Vanovac, MMA

Women SL:
1. Hadley Reed, GMVS
2. Sofia Vanovac, MMA
3. Pernilla Borgia, SMS
Men SG:
1.Max McClellan, KMS
2.James Giffond, MSA
3.Charles Lemerond, GMVS

Men GS:
1.Charles Lemerond, GMVS
2.Max McClellan, KMS
3.Camden LaBlanc, GMVS

Men SL:
1.Lucas Sourbeer, BMA
2.John Underwood, BMA
3.Sam Waryas, BMA

Many thanks to the host resorts, clubs, and volunteers who made all of the VARA events amazing experiences for our athletes.

VARA's George Tormey Series:

1. Christina Winchell, MMA
2. Annika Stookey, GMVS - Eva Young, KMS (T)
3. Marina Visnic, OMS

1. Sam Hambsch, OMS
2. Cannon Parsons, GMVS
3. Graham Stein, OMS - Caleb Bartowsky, KMS (T)
TOKO U12 Team Challenge
Thanks to Toko for supporting grassroots and the U12 Team Challenge. Each council at their year-end event determined a winning team for the Toko U12 Team Challenge. The winning club received a tuning bench, iron, and vices for their program.
NVC - Smuggler's Notch Ski and Snowboard
MVC - Okemo
SVC - Mt Snow Academy
Killington World Cup

The World Cup is returning to Killington on November 26-27, and so is the VARA Parade!!
There will be fun and exciting activities happening at the event, and as usual, watching the women compete will be an experience to remember for life. The VARA parade is scheduled for Saturday morning, Nov. 26, before the start of the Giant Slalom.
If you are interested in participating, you must contact your home program director or coach. VARA will be collecting participant information from the council representative for the parade.
If you want to be sure to get your new Swix parade hat, then you better get your name on your club's parade list!
ELITEAM's Doug Lewis will run a coaches education and youth conditioning camp this fall. The events will occur at the GMVS Campus on October 22nd (coach ed) and 23rd (athlete day). Don't miss this opportunity. Put it on your calendar, and keep your eyes peeled for more camp and registration details

On September 25, Willard will host a VARA dryland program also run by Doug Lewis of ELITEAM. More information on all of the fall VARA ELITEAM programs will be sent out soon.

Want to work with professionals in athletics and make a difference in a young person's life? Invest in today's youth for a fulfilling experience, watching your athletes grow into young adults with character, a strong work ethic, and resiliency. As well as better ski racers!

Your office will become the great outdoors. Sounds amazing.

Take a look at the job opportunities in ski racing in Vermont and surrounding areas.

Click here to learn more about the positions available.


(National Alliance on Mental Illness)


VARA Membership Registration
2022-23 Season.

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