Stay the Course

Regular updates and helpful links about COVID-19 are located on the Town’s web page. Recent County orders strongly urge the wearing of cloth face masks in public spaces, especially areas like grocery stores or pharmacies where maintaining good social distancing may be more challenging. To support this effort for our residents, the Town of Palm Beach Shores is providing cloth face covering for those citizens in need.

We now have a supply of cloth masks for distribution to our residents. These re-usable / washable facial covering are available by emailing me at  or by telephone (561) 296-3380. If you are home-bound, we can arrange to have a member of our Fire Department staff deliver them to you.
Regarding the 2 crimes which occurred today (Monday, April 20, 2020, at 9:37 A.M):   

There was a strong-armed robbery at the Greater Gator on Singer Island this morning. 

What we know is 2 Black males entered the store, filled a shopping cart with beer and cleaning products and ran from the store, the employee ran after the suspects into the parking lot. From there a fight between the suspects and the employee began, the suspects jumped into a waiting car. The employee believed he observed a handgun within the car but not used in the theft. Riviera Beach Police are investigating further.

A short time ago it was rumored that another robbery occurred at Publix in Riviera Beach, that was was a shoplifter who grabbed items and ran from the store.

As I look at incoming information it does appear there is a large increase in shoplifting in the north county these last days especially in Walmart’s.
All are deputies are on alert, recent theft of a bicycle in town was caught on the ring camera, after a short search by our deputies we found the bike in the bushes, the suspect fled but we continue to investigate. The Sheriffs Facebook page has the video of the person stealing the bike and our deputy returning it

We have been assisted by many other units of the sheriff’s office, 3 motorcycle units were in the first two weeks moving on those who wished to park on our street to go to the beach and Inlet. Deputies in undercover vehicles continue to patrol the town from time to time.

After I received a call from residents about a group of homeless persons acting badly as our folks walked and ran the bridge I asked for additional deputies. 4 cars from the Sheriff's street team arrived augmented by 3 deputies from crime our prevention team, who specialize in assisting the homeless and enforcing the various laws. Please let me know if the bad behavior continues.

As always we remain alert and here for you, please call or email me if you have any questions.


Sergeant Steven Langevin
Commander, District 20
Town of Palm Beach Shores
Palm Beach County Sheriffs’ office
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