Dec. 17,  2020
The Season Has Begun, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT That Does Not Mean Trails Are Open JUST YET !!!!  
Southern and Central Vermont is receiving some significant snow out of the current storm today.  Snowfall totals are ranging from 12" to 24"+ south of Rutland, with much lower amounts expected the further north you go.  The Canadian Border may see only a dusting if anything at all.  Clubs in the southern part of the state are preparing their grooming fleet in the event there is enough snow to open up the trails. 
The first pass through with the grooming equipment is a slow process and will take a few days to complete if all goes well. This is a very powdery snow with not a lot of moister in it so will be hard to pack into a base. Blow downs will need to be cleared and gates will need to be opened in some areas.  Some clubs have opened gates and removed blowdowns but the job is never done until the groomer passes through the entire system. 
With this information in mind, we do not expect trails to be open for riding until Saturday at the earliest.   Before this storm hit the ground was bare and fluffy snow on top of bare ground will not be enough to warrant grooming.  The ground is barely frozen and there is water still running in some areas. Additional cold weather and snow will be necessary before trails will improve.
We encourage everyone to check the VAST website at clicking on TRAILS once you arrive on the page.  The Trail Map and Conditions will tell the tale. Clubs will update the trail conditions to open as they see fit noting that at best early season riding conditions will exist.  Our entire class 1,2,3 grooming fleet will be sporting GPS tracking units, which will provide you with the most up to date information on which trails have been groomed by viewing the interactive map. Be sure to select the "Grooming" box to the left of the map.
The VAST trail system is open for riding for those coming from out of state if protocols are followed.  We ask that you please read here about what the COVID-19 pandemic means for snowmobiling in VT this coming winter.
Check the map and check back for updates as trails slowly open up.  Use caution and watch for various hazards in the trail.  Best case scenario we will have very early season conditions.  Worst case we remain closed awaiting more snow in certain regions.  Do not ride unless you see the trail marked as open on the VAST map and you see that the groomer has passed over it!
You can also check with your local clubs on their social media pages for additional information.
Have your Registration, TMA and Insurance paperwork handy and stickers on the left-hand side of your sled.

Still Need to Buy You TMA Trail Pass?

Here are a couple of tips: 

Make sure you upload the correct registration information. And make sure the file is less than 1MB or it may not accept it, and also it must be a JPEG or PDF file.

Make sure your credit card information is correct.

Here is the link to buy your TMA: TMA

These signs are available for clubs to put up at junctions, parking areas, etc. VAST is giving these to clubs at no cost. If you want some or any other sign from VAST, here is the link for the order form found on our website: CLICK HERE and then click on the link called: Order Signs Here


Signs are available for clubs. The sign order form on our website has been updated to include these. If your club wants some to put up on the trail or at a club house, let us know. SIGN FORM
Volunteer TMAs have been mailed and will continue to be sent out as they come in. REMINDER that the US Postal Service is very backlogged!

 of that, VAST is emailing 10-day temporary TMAs to all volunteers, safety
, lifetime holders today, just incase trails open and folks can ride.

There are still a handful of clubs that have not sent VAST their volunteer TMA list. If you are one of these clubs, contact Cindy Locke at VAST so she can resend you what you need.
Riding in VT With COVID Still Around  
Vermont has not changed guidelines or restrictions for riding this winter. Everything is still as it was last month. For that information, which we will update as it changes, go to our website: VAST
If you are waiting for your registration from VT DMV, you can still buy your TMA, just upload a copy of your temporary or your email conformation from them instead of your final registration when you are buying your TMA.

FEBRUARY 5, 6, 7, 2021

Club Events, Club Meetings & Destinations this Winter

What is going to happen with club events this winter? What about cook shacks anrestaurants?

Restaurants are only open in a limited capacity, so one idea is to pack your lunch just in case. If you think about having a fire to cook some hot dogs, make sure you check with the club in advance to see if they have landowners that don't mind having you do this. Some clubs have mentioned putting out some designated charcoal grills and fire pits for riders to use. Check with the clubs where you are riding. As always, if you pack it in, PACK IT OUT!

If you have a cook shack, remember that you too should only have those inside that are cooking and working, and everyone should have masks and gloves on at all times. Maybe set up some seating outside for people, or folks can sit on their sled if you cannot provide other seating outside.

If you are holding club meetings at restaurants, or any place indoors, remember that you still need to be six feet from those that do not live in your household and wear a mask unless you are eating. It is important that we all follow the health guidelines whether we are meeting together, working on trails, riding, etc.

For events, think outside the box. Maybe do something online.