Checks, Checks, Checks
Effective immediately, we are cutting out the middle man (LOL). For any check sent to the VATC office for any reason, please make it payable to CATIC NOT VATC

NOTE: This applies to all types of payment such as: title insurance premium; update service fees; endorsement fees.

Bottom line: Any check previously payable to VATC should now be made payable to CATIC.

Thanks and please call the VATC office with any questions.
H. 837: Enhanced Life Estate Deed Act

Governor Scott signed, H.837, the Enhanced Life Estate Deed Act, on July 13, 2020.

Visit our website for more information.

A special shout out to Joe Bauer and the members of the Franklin/Grand Isle County Bar Association for proposing and drafting the bill and then helping shepherd it through the Legislature during a pandemic. Good work!
VATC COVID Underwriting Guidelines
As Andy has previously indicated, for purposes of title insurance and policy issuance, we are back to pre-COVID norms. Please become familiar with the Guidelines by clicking here to review and print them.

With a few exceptions which are outlined in the written Guidelines, the basic premise for searchers is "do what you were doing in February".

Note: Long Form policies maybe used in place of Short Form policies.

As always, call Andy or Liz if you have any questions.
Monthly Marketable Title Mayhem

August's quiz will be available on the first Wednesday of the month (August 5th) on the VATC website. If you are a subscriber, you will automatically receive each month's quiz by email.

July winners (5 for 5) were:

Fred Peet – Law Offices of Fred Peet
Krista Cadieux – Dinse
Jason Tiballi – Gale & McAllister
Kyrik Weidman – Law Office of Jonathan Weidman, P.C.
Lau's Corner & Title Tips

Post-Closing Updates

Post-closing updates have ALWAYS:

  • been important;
  • been a requirement as a Title Agent;
  • been an obligation to your client(s); and
  • have NEVER been more important than in the COVID world. Click here to view some of the common issues we are finding.

In person post-closing updates should be done within 45 days of closing or, for closed offices within 10 days after clerk re-opens.

Attention VATC Title Update Users: Please submit your update requests promptly after the transaction has closed and funded.

CATIC Back Title

Back title is provided to assist you in your work on the property described in the policy, or on property relevant to your request.

When requesting prior policies (back title) we require that it be used by your firm only in the preparation and issuance of additional CATIC policies. It may not be used to issue policies underwritten by our competitors. Additionally, if you do not have an “exact” match and you are working in a subdivision, condominium or planned community, please remember to take your search back to the developer and bring it forward for the unit/lot being searched.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, please call our office. Thank you.