Procedural Bulletin When Issuing CATIC Policies and Wiring Funds

Wire Fraud continues to result in significant losses when closing funds are diverted to an account created by criminal actors. In most cases this result can be easily prevented when simple precautions are taken by the attorneys involved in a transaction, their staffs, and their clients.
This Procedural Bulletin sets forth minimum acceptable standards that an office should meet when the office is transferring funds by wire and issuing a CATIC policy. The Bulletin also provides information on mitigating the risk of wire fraud and the steps that should be taken if you are the victim of a wire fraud incident.
Click here to read the Bulletin.
Electronic Remittance and Electronic Submission

CATIC agents are now able to electronically submit and remit payment, to CATIC. Faster, better, stronger!

In the face of ever-increasing fraud schemes, these options allow you to operate in a more secure environment. No more mail. No more postage costs. No more checks. No more hassle!

For more info about eliminating risk (and costs) checks (and paper, and postage, and hassle) contact Katie Caron
Files and Files and Files, Oh My!

After a crazy two years you most likely have a pile or more of problem files with "issues" that you aren't sure what to do with. Well, we know what you would like to do them, but sorry, that is not an option. We are here to help!

Common issues include: lack of a mortgage discharge; document errors discovered in the post-closing update; and complicated policy preparation.

Together we can tackle these problem files and have them resolved before the start of the busy spring real estate season.

1. Missing discharges? CATIC offers an Aged Lien Service. To place a discharge order, have your username and password handy and click here

2. Post-Closing error? Errors in recording or document execution are often found in a post-closing update. Many issues may be fixed by using a corrective affidavit. VATC maintains affidavits on our website. Alternatively, call or email Andy or Liz for a quick solution.

3. Complicated final policy preparation? Call the VATC office with your question(s). Remember, no question is a dumb question!
CATIC Academy

What is it? CATIC Academy an online learning platform that provides high-quality, comprehensive, and leading-edge training programs with both national and state-specific content.
CATIC will now be able to provide a wider variety of e-learning/on-demand training programs, live training sessions, and recorded webinars through world-class training vendors, such as Skillsoft, New Horizons, and BizLibrary. Many of these programs will be provided to our agents at no cost, with other programs available at a discounted rate through our new partnership with TrainUp.

Click here to checkout what CATIC Academy has to offer. You will need your login and password.
Lau's Corner & Title Tips

PrepExpress® Online: Introduction & Refresher Course

If you are new to the software or just looking to pick up a few new tips, this is your course. Click here to learn about some of the best features of the program to assist you in your closing process.

Do You Have an Underwriting Question?

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