Important Notary Stuff

The online application is now up and running. For some VERY important information, click here .
Old Files with Issues?

After a very busy 2018, January and February may be a great time for law firms to spend time on those nagging files with "issues" that have piled up (trust us, every office has one of those piles!). 

Some of the more common issues include:  Missing Discharges;  Post-Closing Update Errors;  Difficult policies that need to be issued.

VATC is here to assist! 
Together we can tackle these problem files and have them resolved before the start of the busy spring real estate season. Here's how we can help:

Missing Discharges: CATIC offers an Aged Lien Service for discharges of mortgages that are not yet recorded. These are typically older discharges. The cost of the service is $185.00 for mortgages that are 1-9 years old and $260.00 for mortgages over 10+ years old. To place an order with the Aged Lien Service, have your username and password handy and click 

Post-Closing Update Errors:
 Recording errors are often found. Many of these these issues may be fixed by corrective affidavit. VATC maintains these affidavits online. 

Difficult Final Policies: Every office has a few of these sitting around. Start 2019 by tackling these files with VATC's help. All you need to do it revisit the file and call VATC with your question(s). Remember, no question is a dumb question!

Upcoming VATC Seminars 

VATC is continuing its County Seminar series!  Topics include: Notarization and  Remote Online Notarization; Important Legislation; New and Revised Title Standards; Latest Court Decisions/Ethics Opinions; Title Teasers (Time Permitting).

The following Count seminars remain: Washington & Lamoille; Chittenden; Windsor; Rutland; and Addison.

Click here for additional details and to register.
Get Cyber-Security Training! Learn How To Avoid the Bad Guys.  
Andy recently sent out some exciting news about partnering with a national on-line security training company called Wombat. All CATIC/VATC employees are required to take the training and we  love it! It's fun and educational.

The offered training may help prevent your office from becoming the next victim.

Many offices have already signed up to receive this year long training. Don't miss out. Click here for the details and sign up NOW.

One Mortgage? Multiple Properties?

When multiple properties are secured by one Mortgage, only one title insurance policy is needed. In PrepExpress Online®, p lease add the first property as you normally would in the general information. Then, click on "inserts" in the blue tool bar and add an insert. Follow the prompts in the toolbar to delete, add additional inserts or alternate between inserts. Click here for a screenshot.

Closing Protection Letter Fees:

If you acted as the Settlement Agent only in a transaction, and the Lender required a CPL, please mail a copy of the CPL to our office along with the CPL Fee.

If you handled the closing and issued the title insurance policies, please do not remit the CPL fee to our office until the policy documents and CATIC's portion of the title insurance premium can be remitted.