Upcoming VATC Webinars

** Separate registration is required for each program. Can't make the date? Don't worry, all webinars will be recorded and available on our website within a day of the program. If you watch the whole program and don’t check your email (not even once), you’re entitled to 1.0 hour of CLE!

June 9, 2021: Title Insurance Claims: Pay It or Deny It?
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

You are claims counsel for the day! Hear real life title insurance claims and then decide if you would pay the claim or deny it (and why). Then hear from the expert, CATIC Senior Claims Counsel John Scanlon, who will explain what really happened to the claim. Join the fun! Click here to register.

June 16, 2021: Foreclosures A to Z; Case Law & Legislative Updates; Hot Topics
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Join Liz Smith and Andy Mikell for a survey discussion of whether the title is marketable post-foreclosure. Additional topics include our annual update on new legislation, court cases and other hot topics. Don't miss this program! Click here to register


June 23, 2021: Two-Part:
Clear and Present Danger in the Re Estate Industry - Cyber Security Awareness Update; and
Fun and Important Things to Know About 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges;
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Join CATIC Exchange guru, Attorney Al Caporale, to learn fun and important things about the 1031 Exchange process. Additionally, CATIC Pro President, Attorney Colleen Capossela, will scare you straight BUT help try and save you from the "bad guys" out there in cyber-land. Protect your clients, protect yourself from loss by hearing from Colleen. We recommend that all office staff watch this program. Don’t miss this program! Click here to register.
CLE Reporting

As you know, VATC requires all agents and approved attorneys to complete a minimum of 6 hours of Real Estate Specific CLE during their two year VT Supreme Court reporting cycle. These credits may be obtained through VATC-sponsored seminars, the VBA, other underwriters, or any other accredited continuing legal education provider. 

If you are an attorney who is reporting to the SCOVT this year, please click here to complete the CLE reporting form or email a copy of your Supreme Court reporting form to Jayne by July 12th.
Agent Alert: Fund Transfer Frauds Escalate and Not Just Via Email Compromises

CATIC has received an increasing number of reports from businesses affected in one way or another by a fund transfer fraud. As you already know, the criminals have educated themselves on all the players involved in the real estate transaction, their respective roles, and the different requests that may be made regarding payments. Using this information, they will, for example, tailor a spoof request to a participant in the transaction so that deposits, payoffs, proceeds, you name it, are directed to the criminal.
Making matters worse is that the criminals communicate with us by all different means, like, for example, email, e-fax, regular fax, telephone, text, regular mail – again, you name it!
Of course, we have heard of numerous scams using fraudulent emails, tricking one into sending funds to the criminal. But we have also heard of cases where reliance was made on fund transfer instructions received in other ways. For example, a CATIC agent advised us of the receipt of a fake mortgage payoff instruction by regular fax; another received an instruction by e-fax. It is imperative to discuss the concept of fraudulent faxes. Often, we are misled into believing that faxes are secure and the best form of communication, especially when wiring instructions become part of this equation. However, fax machines are incredibly insecure. 
Click here to read the full article.
Lau's Corner & Title Tips

Rate Quotes

Pre-closing: As you know, policies over $1 Million require a written rate quote or invoice from the VATC office. Let us know the 911 property address, the transaction amount and, if it's a commercial transaction please let us know of any endorsement/coverage requests from the lender. 

Post-closing: Please be sure to include a copy of the rate quote when remitting the policy to our office. 

Career Network

We often hear of firms who are hiring. While we welcome phone calls or emails, we have added a career network posted under News and Announcements (bottom right hand corner) of the VATC website.

We only post information with your permission and we will not act as an intermediary. If you would like to add a FREE posting for a job opening or a job sought, please email Katie with the information as you would like to appear on our website.