Upcoming Seminars - Current Developments in Vermont Real Estate

VATC is continuing its County Seminar series! Join us for 2 hours of CLE. Fun to be had by all! The following seminars have been scheduled:

Franklin/Grand Isle Counties:
Date: Wednesday, November 13

Bennington County:
Date: Wednesday, December 4th

Windham County:
Date: Wednesday, December 4th

Caledonia & Orleans Counties:
Date: December 10th

Click  here for more information and to register.

Additional Counties will be scheduled for March and April.
2019/20 Town Clerk Directory 

The hard work of compiling updated town information has ended, and the new Town Clerk Directory will be back from the printer in the very near future. We will be making the rounds to deliver them to your office in the coming weeks. As always, the latest TCD information can be found on our website.  If you are out and about and notice a change in hours or other pertinent information, please email Katie. 
One Mortgage? Multiple Properties?

When multiple properties are secured by one Mortgage, only one Policy Commitment for Title Insurance is needed. Please issue a Policy Commitment ( not a Short Form Loan Policy). In PrepExpress OnlineĀ®, please add the first property as you normally would in the general information. Then, click on "inserts" in the blue tool bar and add an insert. Follow the prompts in the toolbar to delete, add additional inserts or alternate between inserts. Click here for a screenshot.
Lau's Corner & Title Tips

1099-S Proceeds from Real Estate Transactions: ** IMPORTANT **

Career Network:  We often hear of firms who are hiring. While we welcome phone calls or emails, we have added a career network posted under News and Announcements (bottom right hand corner) of the VATC website. We will only post information if we have permission and we will not act as an intermediary. If you would like to add a post, please email Katie the information as you would like it to appear on our website.
Forecast: Mortgage Loan Rates to Remain Low Through 2020

An article published by The Mortgage Reports reviews the opinions of ten real estate experts concerning the mortgage industry in the coming year. A majority of those experts predict that rates for 30-year fixed-rate loans will stay below 4% throughout 2020, with 15-year loans hovering around 3%.

The panel also believes that the Federal Reserve will cut rates once or twice in 2020 in order to counteract a slowing United States economy.

Click here to read the article.