TO:                Owners/Management Agents 
FROM:          Asset Management, Management & Development Division
SUBJECT:    VAWA Forms Requirement Confusion
DATE:           February 23, 2017
We have learned that there may be some confusion amongst the industry regarding the new VAWA requirements and the use of the VAWA Lease Addendum form HUD-91067.

The VAWA Lease Addendum form HUD-91067 is still a required Lease Addendum and must be signed and dated by the household and attached to the original move in lease and anytime a new lease is executed.

RHIIP Listserve posting #373, posted on December 15, 2016, stated the following:  "Multifamily Housing will be updating our Lease Addendum form, HUD-91067 in the coming months.  In the meantime, owners/agents may continue to use this form.  We will have further written guidance available early next year and will plan to include a sample lease addendum that can be used prior to the update of form 91067."

In addition to providing the VAWA Lease Addendum, please provide the VAWA Notice (Form HUD-5380) and the VAWA Certification (Form HUD-5382)  (ยง5.2005 VAWA Protections):
  •  At the time the applicant is denied assistance or admission;
  • At the time the individual is provided assistance or admission (move in or initial certification);
  • With any notification of eviction or notification of termination of assistance; and
  • During the 12-month period following December 16, 2016, either during the annual recertification or lease renewal process, whichever is applicable, or if there will be no recertification or lease renewal for a tenant during the first year after the rule takes effect, through other means.

Although HUD has not mandated that households sign an Acknowledgement of Receipt of the 5380 & 5382 at move in and for existing residents, New Hampshire Housing strongly recommends that an Acknowledgement be signed to show your compliance as an owner/agent to HUD regulations.


Please continue to develop your Emergency Transfer Plan which has to be implemented no later than June 14, 2017.


If you have any questions, please fee free to reach out to your Asset Manager or Marie