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A trio of publications from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) leadership this year has clarified and advanced the federal strategic vision for value-based care. In January, leaders reinforced their commitment to value-based care with the goal that “100 percent of people with Original Medicare will be in a care relationship with accountability for quality and total cost of care by 2030.” Meena Seshamani, director of the Center for Medicare, identified accountable care organizations (ACOs) as a key component of the strategy to improve health equity.
The role of homecare providers is central as the industry transitions to value-based care. Rather than reimbursing providers based on the quantity of services delivered, value-based care rewards providers for the quality of their services and their impact on member outcomes. However, when considering factors that impact the health of a member receiving care in the home, the quality of care that a provider delivers is not the only factor in ensuring a member achieves optimal results. Likewise, clinical factors, including access to medical care and the quality of that care, also can only make...
After years spent transforming your health care technology, you may feel like you’re almost done. But Value-Based Care Technology requires a different mindset. With reimbursement scaling to a tipping point for APM adoption, think “reboot” instead. Your health system or group has a long way to go if your aggregated and integrated data cannot support person-centric care and data-directed population health, quality, and health equity strategies. The Value-Based Care Technology game is no longer focused on implementing an EHR, or even population health. Those are basic ingredients that make it possible to do more. Now it’s about bringing all the systems and data together to create value for your clinicians and your...
“Return” has become a popular word across the globe of late. Return to the office, return to travel, return to going out to eat and sporting events, return to our pre-COVID lives…the list goes on. As our world adjusts to the new normal, the healthcare industry is moving beyond emergency triage to managing today’s top challenges, including staff shortages, supply chain and cost issues, as well as disruptions in their economic revenue models. Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are also dealing with many critical issues post COVID-19...
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RPM Best Practices to Maximize Positive Outcomes and Program ROI
  • Topic: Utilizing remote patient monitoring (RPM) to improve finances, efficiency, and patient outcomes
Sponsored by: Mozzaz
July 14, 2022 | 1 PM EST

SDOH and the Risk of Poor Outcomes: To Adjust, or not To Adjust
  • Topic: Understanding SDOH, its impacts, and its role in healthcare
Sponsored by: PointRight
July 27, 2022 | 1 PM EST


Empowering Your Most Challenging Hypertensive Patients: A New Engagement Framework for Value-Based Care Providers
  • Topic: Engaging with patients to help them understand and take control of their chronic health conditions
Sponsored by: Calcium Health

The 5 Levers of Value-Based Care: Achieving Success Across the Continuum
  • Topic: Enhancing effectiveness of value-based programs, addressing whole person care initiatives, and complying with CMS regulatory requirements
Sponsored by: CarePort

SDOH from the Theoretical to the Practical: A Story of Success in Dallas
  • Topic: Challenges and solutions for effectively addressing SDOH in patient populations

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