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State Breast Cancer Advocacy Day 
VBCF hosted the 2016 State Breast Cancer Advocacy Day on Thursday, February 4th.  The day followed a new format this year with attendees encouraged to make appointments to meet with their representatives. VBCF also invited all legislators to a morning reception in the General Assembly building.  As a result, 30+ breast cancer advocates were able to meet with over 40 Virginia Senators, Delegates, and aides.  Advocates especially enjoyed hearing the personal remarks shared by the Senators and Delegates who spoke during the reception.

Priority legislation for VBCF during advocacy day included:
  • Closing the coverage gap (Medicaid expansion – so all Virginians have coverage for cancer screening and treatment as needed. 
  • Senate Bill 383 to strengthen and expand insurance parity for oral chemotherapy medications. 
  • Senate Bill 442 to prevent "adverse tiering" in which all medications in the same class of drugs are placed in a high cost, specialty drug tier, thus requiring patients to pay high costs for their medications, even generics. 
In addition, VBCF advocates were recognized from the House and Senate floors as Joint Resolution No. 201 was read commending VBCF for its 25th Anniversary this year.  Special thanks to Delegate Chris Peace (R-97th), Delegate Daun Hester (D-89th), Delegate Sam Rasoul (D-11th) and Senator Louise Lucas (D-18th) for sponsoring this resolution.

It was a great day and VBCF thanks all the advocates who made their voices heard!
We Need Your Help!

VBCF has set an ambitious goal for its 25th Anniversary. We want to create a virtual quilt with 6,100 squares - the number of Virginians that will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. We want to show that there is more to breast cancer than the pink ribbon. Create a square today - share a photo, share your story, honor a loved one, or share a note of encouragement.

Visit  www.morethanapinkribbon.org  to learn more.
VBCF Board of Directors - New Officers & Members
Congratulations to our new 2016 Officers - President Susan Siegel and Vice President Clifford Deal III, MD, FACS. Their leadership is appreciated!

Welcome to new 2016-18 Board members - Salud Astruc with Dominion; Gabriele Conn with Peninsula Physical Therapy and Assoc; Heather Hodges, RN, CNRN, CCRC with Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Medical Center; and Stacy Price with the University of Richmond. We are excited about their new perspective, engagement, and energy!

Thank you to departing Board Members - Tuwanna Okafor; Meg Shrader, RN, BSN, CBCN; and Lisa Branner Stickley - we know they will continue to make great VBCF Ambassadors in their local communities and beyond! 

RAM Buena Vista

VBCF will be hosting a Becky’s Place educational station at the upcoming Remote Area Medical (RAM) clinic in Buena Vista, Virginia on March 4th-6th. Volunteers will be educating those attending the clinic on breast health and the importance of early detection. RAM clinics take place in medically underserved areas across the United States, often providing the only dental and medical care that clinic attendees receive all year. There are multiple RAM clinics in Virginia each year, and in 2016, VBCF plans to be at all of them. 

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