WHAT'S NEW? 2020 is finally nearing its end. VBH is preparing for an exciting 2021!
WEEK AT A GLANCE We are still on for Wednesday Workout this week!
ICYMI We need your help to make sure this number is as accurate as possible by the end of the year. If you have attended any event this year, make sure you are counted! Follow this link, select "social enrichment", and leave a comment saying how you have been involved this year!
STAT OF THE WEEK 2141. The number of event attendees so far this year! We still have a couple Wednesday Workouts left this month to get this number up!
EVENT HIGHLIGHT Happy Holidays from the VBH team!
PANDEMIC LEAVES MORE MILITARY FAMILIES SEEKING FOOD ASSISTANCE Fort Bragg, the largest military base in the United States, has all the trappings of a small American city: shopping centers, a barbershop, and social clubs. In a sign of the times, it also has a food bank. Read more...
THE ARMY'S NEWEST VEHICLE IS ACTUALLY A HEAVY-DUTY BRIDGE The U.S. Army just finished operational testing of a new, mobile assault bridge, designed to cross battlefield barriers. It is scheduled to be fielded to the first combat troops next year. Read more...
FOUR MAJOR MILITARY EVENTS THAT HAPPENED ON CHRISTMAS On Christmas Day every year, many Americans relax and enjoy time with their families. For many of our troops, though, it can be a day of sacrifice and hardship.
Over the history of the U.S., several big military actions have taken place on Dec. 25. Here are four noteworthy ones. Read more...
5 BEST/WORST CHRISTMAS MOVIES WITH QUESTIONABLE MILITARY PLOTLINES Christmas romance movies have become a 21st-century holiday phenomenon, first on the Hallmark Channel, then on Lifetime and now Netflix. There are literally hundreds of these movies, with dozens premiering in 2020 alone. Read more...
Last week we asked when you do your holiday shopping. 16.7% of you said you've had it done for months, the same amount said they do their shopping on Black Friday weekend, 46.7% said early to mid-December, and 20% said the night before you need it. So if you still haven't finished your shopping, you are not alone!
This week we want to know: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?
Of course it is! Yippee Ki Yay!
Definitely not.

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