WHAT'S NEW? The 1st Annual Rise of the Warriors is a charity CrossFit competition, a tribute to Fallen Soldiers. You can learn more about this April 24th event here.
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VETERAN SPOTLIGHT Leah Schumacher is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the state of North Carolina. She began her journey into social work and counseling after being honorably discharged from the US Army in 2006. Due to a lengthy combat tour overseas in Iraq, Leah was able to gain firsthand knowledge and understanding about the devastating effects of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Her close friends were irrevocably changed before her eyes, and she needed to understand why that transition took place. Using her G.I. Bill, she obtained her Master’s Degree. Leah has been in the social work field for over five years, working in various settings: veteran’s programs, residential treatment facilities for youth, outpatient treatment and a substance abuse treatment facility. She has training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Trauma-Informed Care.

Leah’s belief is that real change can occur in one’s life when they work with a therapist who is genuine and unbiased; someone who has a desire to see others moving forward and living their lives to the fullest. 
FINDING HOUSING FOR VETERANS WITHOUT HOMES COULD CUT EMERGENCY CARE COSTS: STUDY Finding stable housing for veterans experiencing homelessness not only provides dramatic improvements for their lives but also potential large cost savings for Veterans Affairs medical programs, according to new research published this week from department researchers. READ MORE
MILITARY MUST REJECT "SLAVERY AND TREASON" OF CONFEDERATE BASE NAMES, COMMISSIONER WARNS One of the outside experts charged with helping rename military sites currently honoring Confederate leaders on Sunday blasted the Confederate flag as a symbol of “treason” and said America should stop venerating individuals who “fought against this country to support and create a slave society.” READ MORE
VA SUICIDE PREVENTION STAFF FACE BURNOUT AS WORKLOAD RISES, WATCHDOG WARNS As demand for mental health services and suicide prevention programs increases within Veterans Affairs offices, staffers there may be at risk of exhaustion and burnout if changes aren’t made to better track and manage those employees, an outside watchdog warned Monday. READ MORE
Military Trivia: Which founding father selected the dress colors for the US Army?
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Alexander Hamilton
James Madison

StoryCorps | April 12-25th | Virtual | RSVP

Wednesday Workout | Wednesday, April 14 | 6:00 AM | Veterans Park CLT | RSVP

Veterans Lunch | April 14th | 11:45 AM | Virtual | RSVP Required

Free Professional Headshots | April 14th | 1:00 PM | Bazemore Studios | RSVP Required

Cotswold Pop-Up Workout | April 17th | 11:30 AM | East Meck High, CLT | RSVP

Wednesday Workout | Wednesday, April 21 | 6:00 AM | Veterans Park CLT | RSVP

Rise of the Warriors | April 24 | 8:00 AM | CrossFit Unite, Concord | RSVP

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Clemson Paralympic Soccer is hosting free virtual Veterans camps, helping participants learn the rules of the game, how to play the sport, and coaching skills. Veterans who participate will earn their coaching and Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) certifications. Learn more and register at: and RSVP through the VBH calendar here.

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Does your professional profile need a refresh? Bryan Bazemore of Bazemore Studios is offering free professional headshot services for Veterans and family members! RSVP before it fills up!

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