WHAT'S NEW? A big shout out to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and United Wesleyan Church for their donations to our Holiday for Heroes program! These organizations collected a combined total of $2,000 to help assist with holiday expenses for our Veterans! Thank you!
WEEK AT A GLANCE Open House and Wednesday Workout. Don't miss out!
ICYMI Our final Uptown Lunch of the Year was a panel with Veteran artists Josh King and Wil Bosbyshell. Make sure to check out their work!
STAT OF THE WEEK 1671. The total number of Veterans we have served so far this year. We need your help to make sure this number is as accurate as possible by the end of the year. If you have attended any event this year, make sure you are counted! Follow this link, select "social enrichment", and leave a comment saying how you have been involved this year!
EVENT HIGHLIGHT Are you new to Veterans Bridge Home? Have you been with us a while but want to learn more about our mission? Do you just want to check in and see what we are up to? If you answered yes to any of these, you may want to check out our Open House today at 12:00!
NAVY VETERAN HONORED AMONG AVIATION GREATS TWO YEARS AFTER HARROWING SOUTHWEST AIRLINES FLIGHT Retired Southwest Airlines pilot Tammie Jo Shults has taken her place next to some of the giants of human flight, including Buzz Aldrin, Charles Lindbergh and Howard Hughes, after being inducted Thursday into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame in San Diego.
ARMY BEATS NAVY 15-0 AT MICHIE STADIUM Singing the Alma Mater second never felt quite like this for Army. These Black Knights accomplished something never before done in the history of their rivalry with Navy: Beating the Midshipmen at West Point.
CHINESE AMERICANS WHO SERVED IN WWII HONORED BY CONGRESS Seventy-five years after World War II ended, Congress is honoring thousands of Chinese Americans who served the United States in the war, earning citations for heroism — including the Medal of Honor — despite the discrimination that included limits on numbers allowed in the U.S.
Last week we asked whom you were pulling for in the Army vs Navy Game. 53.2% of you said Army, 34% said Navy, and 12.8% said they were indifferent.
This week we want to know: When do you do your holiday shopping?
I've had it done for months
Black Friday weekend
Early to mid December
The night before I need it

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Operation Finally Home has a great volunteer opportunity coming up for the Gonzales family that is set to move into their newly built home in Waxhaw this month. OFH will be purchasing all their decorations through Lowe’s but could use some help with getting the house decorated ahead of the 18th. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Randi here.

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Patriots Path Class | January 11-15 | 9:00 AM | RSVP
EMPLOYMENT NEWSLETTER Want more? The Charlotte Area Veterans Employment newsletter is for you. You can view this week's here.
Our friends at Carolina Flow Photography are offering 10 headshots and 5 family photoshoots to Veterans! If you are interested, you can contact them here!

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1671 Total Veteran Served
1267 Total New Veterans Served
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