In the last week, we have come a long way as the real estate industry to be able to do showings. Many other business sectors are still very limited. Our goal is to provide the facts for the 'Safer at Home' guidelines. One question we have been getting and would like to address is the topic of front range/ out of county brokers and out of area showings.

Are front range/out of county brokers able to show property to clients?
This is not an official policy, but our interpretation at this given time.

  • Travel to the mountains is discouraged, but if it's for an essential reason (real estate can qualify as essential according to the state guidelines), a showing can be approved at the discretion of the seller. Anyone traveling to our communities for a real estate reason should not do other activities while they are here and should return home directly after showing.

  • Brokers should not actively encourage or market for people to come to the mountains from out of the area for showings. Brokers are encouraged to use their best judgment and practice social responsibility with these requests on a case by case basis. Virtual showings are recommended to prevent travel.

  • The order states not to drive more than 10 miles for recreation. Overnight visits are not allowed in Eagle County through May 31.

Can we show property to out of area residents?
  • Non-residents are asked not to come Eagle County at this point, and we encourage you to show property with marketing tools such as virtual showings that are now available with the lifted restrictions. We will get to the next phase sooner if we limit bringing people to the county, which is the goal of the business community.

  • If you have a buyer that is moving here permanently in the next 30 days, they could apply for an exemption from the travel restrictions. They would need to provide some justification like I will be homeless if I don't look at and buy a house now. 

Remember we are fortunate as an industry and need to work together to move into the next stage, and taking these precautions will help move us move the process along sooner.  
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