Isolation Training!
Part 7
VC Fusion is bringing you ideas and activities within our Stay at Home Training program to keep your child active during this time!
Session 7
Skills Technique
5 Easy Body Feint Mastery Skills
Garden Drills
Training Session Breakdown
Below is the breakdown of what we will deliver to you via email twice a week. It showcases various skills sets within the following 10 soccer related areas of the game:
Individual Skills
Ball Mastery
Soccer Fitness with a Ball
Interactions with Parents Activities
Dribbling Skills
Fast Feet Training
Cardio- Vascular Soccer Fitness with a Ball
Goalkeeping Skills for All Ages Groups
U14+ Core Strength Goalkeeping Training
And Skills Tests & Challenges
Please encourage your child to take part in the drills shown in the video every day to keep them active and consistently practicing their skills. Drills can be performed in back garden or even indoor.

We encourage you to film your child performing these drills and then send them to us via Social media or email. We will then post on our official Social Media pages.

Mike Elias, Director of Coaching, USA.
VC Fusion YSA