Isolation Training!
VC Fusion is bringing you In House sessions and ideas to keep your child active during this time!

Sessions will range from different aspects of the game which are broken down below.
Special Message From Fusion Alum Matt Sheldon
Motivation From A Pro Soccer Player!
Matt, A Pro soccer Player is a Fusion Alumni. He also has a YouTube Channel showcasing his journey and motivating the upcoming youth soccer talent in the USA. We will be utilizing Matt’s video’s forming a great partnership to help our Fusion players!

Matt's YouTube Channel 'Become Elite' has over 300k subscribers and over 37 Million views on his videos!
Training Session Breakdown
Below is the breakdown of what we will deliver to you via email twice a week. It showcases various skills sets within the following 10 soccer related areas of the game:
Individual Skills
Ball Mastery
Soccer Fitness with a Ball
Interactions with Parents Activities
Dribbling Skills
Fast Feet Training
Cardio- Vascular Soccer Fitness with a Ball
Goalkeeping Skills for All Ages Groups
U14+ Core Strength Goalkeeping Training
And Skills Tests & Challenges
Session 1

Individual Skills
Session covers: Skills, touch, control, Speed work, Shuttle fitness & strength with ball, Indoor skills, passing, receiving, turns, long passes, shooting, Balance & Co-ordination
Session covers: Warm Up, Diving & Recovery, Shuffling
Please encourage your child to take part in the drills shown in the video every day to keep them active and consistently practicing their skills. Drills can be performed in back garden or even indoor.

We encourage you to film your child performing these drills and then send them to us via Social media or email. We will then post on our official Social Media pages.

Message From The Director Of Coaching:
"As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities, we are committed to doing what’s best for our players, coaches, team managers and families. I want you to know that our thoughts are with you and your loved ones. During these challenging and difficult times, I hope that you are finding ways to care for yourself and those close to you, and that you are prioritizing your safety and the safety of others.

We know how challenging being at home is, so we have put together a Fusion Educational portal where we may interact with players, challenge them, encourage them to maintain their soccer sharpness and fitness in preparation for their return to their teams.  A series of video’s covering a wide range of soccer topics will be sent to you twice a week. There will even be some sessions where parents or siblings or both! can take part in the action. We encourage you to mentor your player(s) to participate with these skill sets on a daily basis and maybe even join the fun!

As things evolve with regards to the pandemic, we will make sure you’re informed. 

Please, Stay Safe, Stay Connected and Together we’ll get through this''

VC Fusion YSA
Mike Elias, Director of Coaching, USA.