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September 14 

Dinner guests-NYC 2017
Silicon Dragon Dinner with Hudson Club;
NYC, 6-20-2017

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  dinner guests  
Dinner guests, NYC, 
6-20-2017: P
Pierre duPont, Nancye Woolsey, 
Robert Haddock
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VC panel-SDNY17
Today's tech world is seeing a convergence of businesses under one corporate roof as each seeks to position their future around solving challenges in every day life, whether it's driving in traffic jams, communicating over long distances without interference or high costs, buying goods without going to a crowded store, or paying bills without the hassle of paperwork and postage.
G oogle, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and China's Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu are all combining technologies that used to exist in silos. 
No bigger example of this trend exists than with the deal that Amazon just made to buy Whole Foods -- two very different original businesses but growing increasingly linked by such underlying issues as logistics and distribution.
Which companies are best poised to lead in tomorrow's tech landscape? When a panel of venture capitalists (photo above) was asked this question at the recent Silicon Dragon event in New York City, the company that emerged at the top of the list, was Amazon - no surprise given recent news.
" Amazon has assets that no other company can come close to touching," said David Teten, managing partner of HOF Capital. Erik Lassila, managing partner of Peakview Capital, who also voted Amazon, added that the one-time online book seller is helping to solve that problem of how to handle the last mile of deliveries. Of course, Amazon is into drones.
A company that surprisingly did not inspire the VCs on stage was Google. VC Teten pointed out Google relies on Google AdWords for its profits, adding "Who looks at Google AdWords?"
Oliver Mitchell, founding partner of Autonomy Ventures, singled out Intel for its position in continuing to innovate leading chips for modern-day technologies.
Apple was left out of the discussion until Brian Cohen, chairman of New York Angels, suggested that it was overlooked. "Apple could instantly buy any of these companies and be bigger than all of them. But Apple is doing things on its own time, on its own schedule. Tim Cook has said, "we're not ready yet."
Interestingly, no Chinese companies were named. Guess maybe they are not ready too! 
Read Forbes post: Amazon

View video of VC panel at Silicon Dragon NY 2017,
June 21, at Nasdaq MarketSite.

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Pictures: Silicon Dragon NY 2017
A 4-in-1 Event! June 20-21
VIP Dinner, Forum, Pitches, Reception
M&A Dealmakers Dorinda Elliott, Gautam Ahuja, Lin Dai
Kamran Ansari, Jan Alexander  Bob McCooey, Nasdaq
Rebecca, Lin Dai Ron Brachman, Omri Sass
Above: Geoff Levin, Sidley; Peter Hseih, Acorn Pacific Ventures; Tom Darling, Bentley Associates 
Dorinda Elliott, Paulson Institute, Gautam Ahuja, Blue Scorpion; Lin Dai, Hooch; Bob McCooey, Nasdaq
Jan Alexander, Strategy + Business, Kamran Ansari, Greycroft / Pinterest
Rebecca Fannin, Silicon Dragon; Lin Dai, Hooch
Omri Saas, Ron Brachman, Technion-Cornell Institute

OneAssist Consumer Solutions , a fintech startup in Delhi, has raised $18 million in a Series C deal led by existing investor Sequoia Capital India along with LIghtspeed Venture Partners .  

SAIF Partners is set to launch a third fund of $350 million for investments in India, making it one of the larger venture investors in the Silicon Tiger market.  

In  Comparing the war chest of Uber against other players within the ride-hailing space, CBI Insights found that China's Didi Chuxing has taken in a massive pool of capital that at $16.5 billion surpasses that of its U.S. counterpart at $15.1 billion.

Staffless stores popping up in China? Check out new GGV Capital portfolio company BingoBox. It's an indication of where retail is going now that online is taking hold and more storefronts dark and empty, a trend in China and the U.S.  
 Update: Silicon Dragon Pitch Contest in NY
Brian Cohen, Jim Robinson
Venture investors Brian Cohen of NY Angels and Jim Robinson of RRE Ventures look very serious as they judge the Silicon Dragon pitch contest in NYC, June 21. The 2 winners will be named in next week's issue with full details of the pitches and OTEC finals in Beijing, set for August 18-20.