Issue: #118
January 25, 2022
The VCA Board meets regularly on the 4th Monday each month at 1:00 PM. The next board meeting is scheduled for Monday January 31, 2022. Pegasus property mgt. will notify VCA owners about a week in advance of the location which may be in person or telephonically or virtual. At any time you are interested in serving on a VCA committee, please click the following link and submit the form to Pegasus Property Mgt. Committee Interest form.
If you have an item you'd like to put on the Board agenda, please contact your community representative. If you feel it's an item of general community interest, please communicate with president Jim Robinson.

The Safety Committee reported that a third driver hit the gate arm and will be fined $100 in accordance with the penalty policy adopted in November.

The Architectural Review Committee reported that revisions to the ARC Guidelines have been completed and are ready for Pegasus to send to owners for review.

The Treasurer reported that the reserve balance as of 11/30/21 was $325,000 with an anticipated balance of $400,000 by year end 2022. A reserve study will be conducted to develop a project list and estimated costs.

The new Comcast Xfinity contract is effective February 1st.  The new contract entitles us to 1 HD DVR and 3 HD Digital Converters. All of the new converter boxes will be able to access the DVR.  You will need to exchange one of your current converter boxes and get 1 new converter box to access the DVR from all 4 TVs. The upgraded converter boxes can be either hard wired or wireless depending upon your application.

In addition, a new, more powerful wireless internet router will also be available to you.  This router has nearly twice the range of the current equipment.   

Please remember to bring your old equipment when you go to the Xfinity store to get your new upgraded equipment. The nearest Xfinity store is located in Coconut Point Mall.
Lake erosion has occurred over the years from runoff from driveways, streets and downspouts, the improper installation of drain pipes into the lakes and as well as too steep lake banks.  This problem is not unique to The Vines and many communities is SWFL have been confronted with serious erosion issues.    
Erosion at Lost Creek
The VCA has been investigating restoration options. Since erosion at Lost Creek is the worst, it was decided to start with their lake bank. 
Last season Copeland & Co. a contract was signed for $80,000.  Their method required using a vehicle that would drive into the lake and dredge eroded material from the lake bottom and restore to the shore.  It was quickly determined that this method was not going to work in our lake since the vehicle sank into the lake bottom and had to be towed to shore.  The contract was terminated with no cost to the VCA. Copeland & Co. submitted a revised estimate of $126,000 that replaced using lake material with trucked in material. The VCA decided that the truck traffic on the roads and across lawn was not desirable and began searching of other solutions.

Three additional quotes were obtained each using a different method and ranging in cost from $110,780 to over $300,000. 

The VCA has contracted with Crosscreek Environmental, will dredge material from the bottom of the lake using suction equipment that does not require a wheeled vehicle to enter the lake for a cost of $110,780.

Material from the lake bottom will be pumped into Geotextile bags along the shoreline.  This bag will be permanent and will create the new shoreline approximately 5 feet from the existing shoreline.  A second bag will be used to create a 4:1 slope.  The slope will be graded and new sod laid.  
The final step in the planting of beneficial aquatic plants (littorals) in front of the Geotextile bag to secure the shoreline and prevent future erosion and provide water filtration.

Please note that the rip rap shown in the photo will not be used at The Vines and is not permitted for use in Lee County.
Restoration with Littorals
VCA board members visited Landmark Naples to view Crosscreek’s method in progress as well as banks previously restored using this method. The photos show before and after shots without aquatic plants.
Work on the Lost Creek lake bank is expected to begin as soon as the Village of Estero issues the development order. Completion will take between 3 and 4 weeks. 
Your help is needed to control invasive species. Several species have decided to call The Vines home. A phone app called IveGot1 can help you identify invasive flora and fauna and makes it easy to identify and report them.

Iguanas have been seen with increasing frequency. A 3-footer and a 4-footer have been spotted on the course recently.  They are detrimental to native wildlife especially our bird population. If you see one, open the app, select “animals”, select “lizards”, select “green iguana”, snap a photo, save it, then exit to the main screen and select “upload” and send it. The coordinates on the photo will help the FDW to locate the iguana and remove it.
Another invasive species that has been reported in the county is the Tegu. Tegus can reach 5 ft long and can decimate bird populations by eating eggs.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is trying to eradicate the population while numbers are still low. IF YOU SEE ONE, REPORT IT!  You can use the IveGot1 app or call 1-888-IVEGOT1.


Join Florida Gulf Coast University in celebrating its 25th anniversary on Saturday, February 12th.

Festivities and activities begin at 9am.

For information regarding this event go to


See Something - Say Something!

As you know, we have an Off-Site Property manager. Pegasus may visit the property periodically for lots of reasons. But their eyes can not see everything. It is the responsibility of all of us to let us know when something doesn't seem just right. Whether it's a light out, a tattered flag, someone driving improperly, etc. Whether you see something in your community, on the perimeter road, the entry road, etc., we need your eyes to let us know what your concerns are. Do not hesitate to contact any of us on the Board or the property manager, via phone, or e-mail at any time.

If you see something, say something !

ECCL Monthly Report
The next ECCL community meeting is scheduled on Friday, Feb. 11, 2022 at 10:00 AM. You can view the archived meetings here.

To learn more about ECCL and how you can participate on its advocacy councils, check out their new brochure. Copies are available in the ECC membership office and at the mailbox area of each community.
Important contacts
Non emergency Police - 239-477-1200
Hurricane Hotline - 877-769-3272
The Village of Estero can be reached at
Jon McClain is your Distrrict #3 representative. He can be reached at or 239-221-5035