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October 12, 2020
October 14: PSAT (9-11 Grades)

October 22: Early Dismissal ~ Warrior T-Shirt Day/Pig Fest (Rhetoric) & Piglet Fest (Logic)
October 23: Teacher Workday - NO SCHOOL


November 4: Parent Teacher Conferences - NO SCHOOL
November 11: Veterans' Day Observed - NO SCHOOL
November 13: Warrior T-Shirt Day


There are a few adjustments to how we are operating within our Covid precautions.The original opening plan remains unchanged, but we are refining how we continue to function within our Covid precautionary guidelines and communication. We appreciate the diligence from you so far this year. We recognize the added effort, and although it does not prevent Covid from our school, it reduces the spread.

Please note the following:

  1. If your child is tested for Covid and the physician orders a RT-PCR lab test (often referred to as ‘send out’ or ‘PCR’), the results of this test are required before your child’s return to school. Whereas Rapid Antigen testing is approved and can be reliable, the sensitivity of the RT-PCR test is higher.
  2. Over-the-counter medication administration can only be provided by the school faculty if your child has a prescription from a provider. A parent permission form has to be combined with a provider’s signature. Please see attached: Medication Authorization Form
  3. Students that order hot lunch come to the cafeteria to pick up their food and take it to-go. Their food is given to them in closed containers. Grades rotate in one door and leave from another. Hot Lunch service is no longer being delivered to the classrooms because it is difficult to have all food served hot and within the short lunchtime allotted.
  4. The cafeteria is utilized as an alternative option for student’s lunchtime during inclement weather. Depending on the grade, this will be a rotating schedule allowing one classroom/cohort at a time. All students will be spaced appropriately. There are 15 tables with the ability of 12 seats each. We allow three seats to be used per table.  

    We have now raised $459,749.00.

Please continue to pray for The Act of Grace!

Building a Strong Foundation, Brick by Brick

We have all heard that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. We can also say that a fundraising campaign begins with the first dollar given.

Our multiyear Act of Grace campaign to raise money for the new Grammar school building has been underway for about a year and we are already a quarter of the way to our goal.

This next phase will be a combination of efforts that together should put us well on our way. We are building a beautiful “honor walk” on the side of the new building made of bricks with engravings to honor a range of individuals and groups.
Dear Veritas Community,

We encourage you to download the Veritas Christian Academy Phone App on your Apple and Android Devices!

We are excited to relaunch this wonderful tool. The VCA App was a new method of communication for us last year and has now been reconfigured with our new website links.
*If you downloaded it last year, please delete and redownload!*

You will especially appreciate:
  • An easy to use Google Calendar (you can set reminders in your phone!)
  • The streamlined push notification feature, which allows us to send reminders and urgent updates.
  • The quicklinks in the Resources tab which helps you to navigate the website more easily when you're "on the fly."

Contact with any questions!


We are excited to announce that drive-thru coffee and breakfast goodies will be available for your enjoyment, beginning October 27th!

Warrior Cafe will be serving you on Tuesdays & Thursdays and will be "order ahead" style.

Featuring locally roasted ShareWell coffee and homemade, made from scratch baked goods from Chef Angela!

All proceeds benefit our PTF!
More details to come soon!

There is a fun competition between Logic School and Grammar School to virtually race from VCA to the Cape Hatteras lighthouse and back.

Students gain mileage for their school during PE, by jogging (or walking) which Coach Chris records and translates into mileage.
That mileage is then charted on a map in the gym.

Currently, Grammar School is in the lead, but Logic School is catching up fast--especially since starting last week, mileage gained in Advanced PE counts.

We wanted to share with you about some of the healthy fun happening at VCA!

  • The PSAT is this Wednesday, October 14th from 8-12! Please encourage your child to get good rest the night before and eat a healthy breakfast. It's a tremendous advantage for the students to be prepared the morning of the test. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Bullock at


Congratulations to Gabby Bridges on her acceptance to East Tennessee State University! 

  • We are kicking off training for Men’s soccer, Women’s JV and Varsity volleyball, and Cross Country next week, on October 19th!

  • Anyone who is planning on participating in Fall Athletics MUST have a completed Athletic Physical Form on file with us. You can pick a form from the office. A copy of the form can also be found on our website. Please try and have this completed before training starts. We cannot allow your child to play without it. Also please turn in your athletic fee to the front office*If your child received their physical on or after March 1st, 2019 a temporary extension has been granted to allow sports participation through the 2020-2021 school year. 

Please contact me at with any questions.
Looking forward to playing again!

Michael Jennings