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November 2, 2020

November 4: Parent Teacher Conferences - NO SCHOOL

November 11: Veterans' Day Observed - NO SCHOOL
November 13: Warrior T-Shirt Day
November 20: Traditional Thanksgiving Lunch
November 23-27: Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

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  • Starting Monday, November 9, Logic School will begin to rotate classes throughout the day’s schedule and teachers will remain in their classrooms. Students will remain in the same assigned cohort as they have throughout the school year. Please see this attachment for more information: Logic School Rotation
  • If someone living in your household is being tested for COVID-19 due to symptoms, please have all students in the household remain home until PCR test results are confirmed negative. 
  • If someone in your household is confirmed positive for COVID-19, please keep all students living in this household home until a return-to-school date has been determined by a combination of the health department and the school nurse.
  • It will continue to be difficult to discern potential COVID-19 symptoms from common colds, flu, allergies and various viruses- especially busy mornings getting children to school. Remember to keep your child home when in question and allow time and/or physician advice for further guidance. See: Symptom Guidance 

    We have now raised $460,594.00.

Please continue to pray for The Act of Grace!

"Every Thanksgiving rolls around and you will read it or hear it at least once, 'for the Christian, Thanksgiving cannot be relegated to only one day.' We then generally respond with an amen and maybe a day or two of additional thanks. This year, we can do something about it..."

Dr. Woods has a new blog post to share, "Giving Thanks ALL Month."

Ep. 2.4: An Update from Warrior Athletics

The 2020-21 fall season of Warrior Athletics has kicked off!
Tune in for an update and also get to know
VCA Athletic Director, Mr. Lee Burgess.

It was a busy day of service on Friday!
The entire VCA community worked on various projects to support the non-profits and organizations we are pledging to serve this school year. It was a beautiful sight to see Pre-K through 12th grade students serving together to better our community and school.

Congratulations to all students who achieved 1st Quarter Honor Roll! We are so proud of your hard work and dedication.


We held our third annual Yawp Fest Finals event outdoors in the beautiful sunshine on Friday. Logic and Rhetoric Finalists presented their poems for their classmates and a panel of judges.

1st Place, Josh Madison (Milton House)
2nd Place, Mary Coe (Homer House)
3rd Place, Abi Leigh (Dante House)

A job well done by all and congratulations to the winners!
1st Place, Josh Madison
2nd Place, Mary Coe
3rd Place, Abi Leigh
Here is the winning pumpkin from last week's House Challenge!
Well done,
Virgil House!
Warrior Cafe will be at Parent-Teacher Conferences

Reminder: Warrior Cafe is now open for service Tuesdays and Thursdays (7:00-8:15 AM). We have asked for you to order ahead, but we are accepting walk-up orders! Please note: for bulk items (full loaves, etc.), you must purchase those in advance.

*If you ordered ahead, please pull into the designated parking by the cafeteria/Warrior Cafe door (indicated by cones off to the right of carline) for your curbside service. To be helpful for our volunteers, please display your Pick-Up Name sign in your dashboard so that they may get you served as quickly as possible.

Warrior Cafe will be available to your enjoyment this Wednesday for Parent-Teacher Conferences! We will most likely set up in the VCA Drama Room or near the front office.