Beautiful Spring Time is here! 
Flowers are blooming outside as we continue to bloom inside the walls of Van Cort!

So many exciting things to look forward to as we approach the end of the school year. 

Always remember that “Together We Are Van Cort Strong!
Upcoming Activities:

  • 5/2/22 OBOS Kick Off
  • 5/2/22 NYS Math Make-ups
  • 5/3/22 Teacher Appreciation
  • 5/3/22 Gr. 4 & 5 Living History
  •  5/6/22 Gr. 5 Pasta Dinner & Game Night
  •  5/6/22 Gr. 5 Day in Clay
  • 5/9/22 – 5/19/22 Gr. 5 General Anatomy
  •  5/13/22 Gr. 4 Movie Night
  •  5/13/22 Learning Banquet
  • 5/13/22 Dress Your Best
  •  5/17/22 Budget Vote
  • 5/26/22 Fun & Fitness
Save The Date:
REVISED Date: 5/13/22
Every student took a pledge to be a respectful, hardworking student, responsible for their actions and their schoolwork in every single way. Our students have shown evidence of their daily commitment to learning in all the teaching and learning opportunities made available to them this school year. In celebration of their work, we will host a lunch banquet. On this day, students are expected to dress their best and join the staff in the small gymnasium. There will be a DJ, music and dancing as they enjoy a wide variety of student favorites cooked and served by the Lakeland Café.
PBIS Update:

Van Cort students continue to practice ROCKIN in all areas of the building! Students continue to make awesome choices and get rewarded with ROCK tickets. Each morning our fourth and fifth
grade leadership groups read messages of kindness and motivation over our announcement system. May is Good Neighbor month. We will be talking about this topic in our classrooms and ask that you do the same at home.


Please remember that any change of contact information needs to be reported to the office as soon as possible.
Social Media group chats have become a HUGE issue. Please monitor your child’s internet usage and behavior.

Common sense media rates movies, TV shows, podcasts, books so families can feel good about choices they make for your children. Parenting advice supports families as they navigate the challenges and possibilities of raising kids in the digital age. 

Visit and educate yourself:

Parents of students who come to intramurals should drop their child off and wait for their child to be accepted into the building. Please do not pull your car away until you know your child is supervised and inside. 

Building Spotlights:
We thank Senator Harckham for his commitment to supporting wellness at Van Cort. Senator Harckham provided us with a grant, prior to the pandemic, in 2019 for $25,000. The proceeds of that grant went to an outdoor playground, climbing wall and now equipment for the Grand Opening of our Strength Training Room!
The Van Cort Leadership teams held a drive to support "A Good Dog Rescue." They collected items such as bowls, food, leashes, toys and bedding to donate to the rescue. We are so thankful to our community for their support!