HS Retreat
Please arrive at VCS no later than 7:15 AM on Tuesday 9/10 to board the buses.

We will return at 11:00 AM on Friday 9/13.

Return time is subject to change depending on traffic. A group email will go out on Friday if the schedule changes.
Listen to Retreat Chapel 

You can listen to chapel on 100.9 or on your mobile device by downloading the app tunein. For more information, visit vcsradio.com.

Tuesday: 7:30 Pm
Wednesday: 9:30 AM and 7:30 PM
Thursday: 9:30 AM and 7:30 PM
Donations for SENIOR CABINS Needed

The Senior class cabins are in need of donations for non-perishable snacks and water for retreat. 

Please drop off donations in the HS office.

We are also in need of drivers for the ADVANCE group on Monday. We will give HIS hours to those who volunteer to make the drive. 

Please contact Shannon Bubar if you are able to drive. (707) 724-6033
Retreat 2019
Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds
Occidental, CA
September 10-13, 2019

A little about retreat

It is our pleasure to announce this year's High School Retreat will again be held at Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds from Tuesday, September 10th-Friday, the 13th (with the advanced group attending from the 9 th -13 th ).  

Student Council is planning fun and exciting team-building games and challenges each day to solidify class spirit, while our phenomenal Chapel Leadership student leaders are working to make sure worship time is profoundly fulfilling for every student.  

There is no outside cost for retreat
VCS Family.
We at VCS are ever mindful of the safety and security of our students. While reviewing our parent handbook regarding closed campus procedures and deliveries to our students we have decided to implement a policy that aligns with other schools in our district to keep our children safe. Effective immediately we will be implementing the following addendum to our existing policies found in our Parent Handbook. Please read the new policy below.

Personal Deliveries/ Dropping Off Lunch
In order to provide the safest setting possible school staff must know who is on campus at all times. Deliveries made to students on campus pose a serious safety concern.  Parents (guardians) or emergency contacts wishing to drop something off to their students must park and enter the appropriate school office. Delivery and communication to your student will be handled accordingly. Students should not approach cars to receive items, again this is due to safety concerns.
The VCS campus is closed to the public at all times. Third party food delivery service (Door Dash, Uber Eats, etc... ) providers are are not authorized to be on campus and can pose safety and health concerns beyond our control.  
Thank you for your ongoing support and the a continued safety of our school!

Behavioral Expectations 

We strive to foster a well balanced education with guidelines to promote a strong and positive learning environment.  Therefore, students are expected to follow our shared behavioral expectations and dress code guidelines.  So you are aware of these expectations, please review the attached behavioral expectations handout.
Click Here to view.

Kleenex and Clorox Wipes Needed.

Please bring donations to the HS office.
Food Limits and Lunch Cards
If you need to set or remove a limit on your student's lunch card, please email rosemary.archie@go-vcs.com.

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Bell Schedule 2019/2020

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  HS Important Dates


ACT offered offsite 

Adv. /Leadership Group leave for Retreat
Sept 10-13
Club Fair Lunch (Student Lounge)
Q1 Progress Reports close out
HS Fall Makeup Picture Day
7:40 am/Gym or MP
Otis Orders Due

Here to Serve
Mr. Joseph Rowland
Principal, VCHS/VCMS
707- 724-6033

Mrs. Terra Golden
Vice Principal, VCHS/VCMS
707- 724-6201
Mr. Aizell Kittles
College Counselor, VCHS
707- 446-1776 ext. 4214

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